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Cleaning Oil Brushes

cleaning oil brushes
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Ikoflex 1a Removing Hood (08)
Ikoflex 1a Removing Hood (08)
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex 1a TLR. After the bigger dirt particles are blown away first clean a corner of the Mirror to see how effective your cleaning agents are. I used ROR (Residual Oil Remover) and a LOT of cottons swabs. First round mob up the dirt by rolling the wet swab over the surface. Use many swabs so you don't risk damaging the Mirror with dirt which was picked up earlier by a swab. Next round finish by brushing the Mirror with (wet) swabs. Again, use a lot of them ! Last round is a sweep with a wetted paper tissue (untreathed).
IMG 5532
IMG 5532
At Home Depot I got an empty small paint can and a 3' length of 1/8" steel rod, which I coiled at first with pliers, and then by hand into a [very] rough coil shape.

cleaning oil brushes
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