Slugs by David Greenberg; Illustrated by Victoria Chess

Swallow a Slug
by its tail or its snout
Feel it slide down
Feel it climb out

Nibble on its feetsies
Nibble on its giblets
Nibble on its bellybutton
Nibble on its riblets


Fat Slugs
Skinny Slugs
Sad Slugs
Grinny Slugs


Some are square
Some have claws
Some are shaped like flutes
Some have hair
Some wear bras
Some wear three-piece suits

Why, there are Slugs that know karate
There are Slugs as big as you
And some night when you're fast asleep
This is what they'll do:

They'll grab you by your chin
Butter you with germs
Throw you out the window
Mash you up with worms


Then they'll stuff you in a garbage can
And leave you overnight
And after how you've treated Slugs
It surely serves you right!

Greenberg, D. (1983). Slugs. Boston: Little, Brown.

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Jan 12, 2012, 2:10 PM