2D Assembly

Seen below are 2D drawing for the pulley exhibit created in Solidworks. Also seen below are the first sketches used to help with our design and creation of our project.The 2D drawings allow the group to see all the required details needed in making the pieces of the exhibit. The 3D model was generated and then from the 3D model the 2D drawings were created. Since the 3D model is made up from an assembly (Assembly- Is a 3D model made up from 2 more 3D parts and mated or fixed together to make one complete 3D part) this allows the group to make detailed drawings of each component of the exhibit. Each component was not shown on this page because of the amount of components made for the assembly which can be seen in the videos found in the 3D assembly.

Gives height, width, and depth for pulley exhibit in inches.

Shows more dimensions for exhibit each piece was made individually for the model to ensure proper dimensions.

Sketches of pulley exhibit

Gives description for individual parts