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Community Children's Museum

77 East Blackwell Street
Dover, NJ 07801

By: Gisselle Velazquez
The Community Children's Museum is the place to go with your elementary class. This fantastic location is a captivating place for young children to become involved in the different cultures of countries around the world!  

Why go to The Children's Museum in Dover?

All of the exhibits in the Dover Children's Museum facilitate hands on learning in an artistic and cultural manner.  This field trip will help students...
  1. Increase in their self-love and knowledge of themselves.  
  2. Gain respect and appreciation for other cultures.

Our Field Trip Photo Gallery

Social Justice Elements

All of the exhibits facilitate hands on learning in an artistic  and cultural way. 

This trip mostly focuses on the "Respect of Others" Element of social justice. It fosters acceptance and understanding of others in different parts of the world and could help to deconstruct stereotypes of these places.

Students can see the Exploring Issues of Social Injustice in the Spanish conquering of Columbia and possibly later discuss the issues and repercussions surrounding this piece of history. 

Social Movements and Social Change as well as Raising Awareness elements of social justice can be seen in the dinner table exhibit. Students in Morristown have come together to make this exhibit to raise awareness about others who have made a difference in our American history