Childrens Bedroom Painting

  • Artwork with a dominant theme of adolescent motifs. For the children.
  • (in children’s literature: Latin America; in children’s literature: Russia/Soviet Union )
  • Biologically, a child (plural: children) is generally a human between the stages of birth and puberty. The legal definition of "child" generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority.
  • the act of applying paint to a surface; "you can finish the job of painting faster with a roller than with a brush"
  • The process or art of using paint, in a picture, as a protective coating, or as decoration
  • graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface; "a small painting by Picasso"; "he bought the painting as an investment"; "his pictures hang in the Louvre"
  • A painted picture
  • creating a picture with paints; "he studied painting and sculpture for many years"
  • (Bedrooms (film)) Bedrooms is a 2010 drama film directed and written by Youssef Delara. Starring Julie Benz , Moon Bloodgood, Sarah Clarke, Xander Berkeley, Dee Wallace and Barry Bostwick. It premieres August 20th 2010 at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival 2010 .
  • Denoting a small town or suburb whose residents travel to work in a nearby city
  • A room for sleeping in
  • a room used primarily for sleeping
  • Relating to sexual relations
  • A bedroom is a private room where people usually sleep for the night or relax during the day.
childrens bedroom painting - Maddy's Guide
Maddy's Guide to Life: Painting my Bedroom
Maddy's Guide to Life: Painting my Bedroom
Hi, I’m Madison. Well that’s what my mom and my teacher, Mr. Wrong (his real name is Mr. Wright), call me, but I prefer to be called Maddy. I’m 9 years old and I live in a small town in the United States with my annoying older sister Zoey, my dog Rupert, and my parents. I go to school nearby. Over the years I have learnt a lot about life and how to handle things at home and at school.

This short story is about the day I decided to paint my bedroom. I forgot to ask first and paint went everywhere. But after a few ups and downs, things turned out really good, just read the story to find out how!

Approx. 1,000 words

Story book mural
Story book mural
This story book mural was painted in the nursery of a 2 year old boy. It incorporates many of his favourite things, such as the tractor, a frog and an owl.
Princess mural
Princess mural
This mural was created using a Charlotte Designs Mural by Numbers kit. It enables anyone to paint their own mural regardless of artistic ability.