Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to be Catholic to participate?  No!  We welcome people of all faith traditions -- both campers and counselors.
  1. How much does Camp cost?  For 2018, tuition is $180.00 per Camper.  This fee includes lodging, meals, snacks, and supplies.  Partial scholarships are available for those who demonstrate strong financial need.  Contact the Camp Director for more information on scholarships.
  1. Do I need money at Camp?  All lodging, meals, and snacks are included as part of tuition.  No money is needed throughout the week.
  1. What should my child bring to Camp?  Click here for a list of essential items that every Camper should bring to Camp. 
  1. Should I bring snacks and drinks to Camp?  No.  Snacks and drinks are provided at no cost throughout the week.  We have found that having snacks and drinks in the cabin areas creates an unsafe environment by attracting animals and rodents. Any snacks that are brought must be kept in closed metal tins.
  1. Are cell phones allowed at Camp?  Cell phones are not allowed for campers and are strongly discouraged for counselors.  They detract from the purpose of camp, and they can easily be damaged or lost in our rustic campsite.  From a practical viewpoint, the cell phone coverage in Kings Mountain State Park is very poor.
  1. How can I contact someone during the week of Camp?  Our campsite – Camp York – does not have telephone service.  For emergencies, contact the Park Ranger at Kings Mountain State Park. The Park Ranger will deliver only emergency messages.  
  1. Can I send letters and care packages to Camp?  Yes!  Mail Call is one of the most exciting parts of our daily routine.  The mailing address for Camp York is

(Insert Name)

Children of Mary Religion Camp

c/o Camp York

2229 Camp York Rd

Blacksburg, SC 29702 

We recommend sending mail no later than Wednesday so that it arrives before the end of the Camp week.

  1. Can my kids be in the same cabin?  Campers are placed into cabins by age and grade level. On a case-by-case basis, we will consider requests for campers of the same age and grade to be placed into the same cabin.  Please indicate on your application whether you would like two campers to share the same cabin.  Note that girls and boys have separate cabin areas.
  1. Do you pay counselors and staff?  All counselors and staff serve as volunteers.  Click here for more information on becoming a counselor.
  1. Do you offer service hours to counselors who need them to meet school or parish requirements?  Yes!  We offer credit for up to 140 service hours for counselors who actively participate throughout the week of Camp. 
  1. Is Camp part of the Rock Hill Oratory or the Diocese of Charleston?  Camp is an independent charitable organization that is affiliated with the Diocese of Charleston.  Camp is no longer sponsored by the Rock Hill Oratory, although we graciously receive priestly support from the Oratorians.
  1. How can I support Camp?  We welcome any support that you can provide.  Donations of food, cleaning supplies, office supplies, scholarship funding, and religious materials are always needed.  Gifts of time and money are also helpful.  If you shop on Amazon, add us as your charity on Amazon Smile.  Of course, the most important way to support our mission is to pray that we have a safe and successful week! 
  1. Are my donations tax deductible?  The Children of Mary Camp is a not-for-profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the US Internal Revenue Code.  Donations to Camp are tax deductible as charitable contributions for US federal income tax purposes.  Please consult your tax adviser for specific guidance on deductibility of donations.