Cabin Area
Campers live in wooden cabins that sleep 4-6 people (2-4 Campers and 2 Counselors).  Each cabin has one light and one electrical outlet.  Girls and boys sleep in separate cabin areas.

Beds have metal frames and single mattresses covered in plastic.  Some cabins have bunk beds.

Lake York
Swimming is in Lake York -- a man-made lake on the grounds of Kings Mountain State Park.  The swimming area is divided into a shallow end for beginner swimmers and a deep end for experienced swimmers.  At least one certified life guard is present at all times.  Frequent "buddy checks" help to promote safety. 

Dining Hall
We eat all meals in the Dining Hall.  Meals are served "family style".  Campers and Counselors sit at tables of 8-10 people.  The Dining Hall is our main gathering point.  Masses, religion classes, and the evening program are held here. 

In & Out Doors
In the Dining Hall, Campers take turns serving as waiters and waitresses.  They enter the kitchen through the In Door and exit the kitchen through the Out Door - all to make sure that no platters are spilled!

Our volunteer cooks prepare meals in the kitchen.  Campers are allowed into the kitchen only if they are serving as a waiter or waitress.

Washing Dishes
Counselors are given the opportunity to learn a valuable life-skill -- washing dishes!  Counselors take turns washing dishes after each meal.

Craft Hall
The Craft Hall houses our arts & crafts program.

Arts & Crafts
In the afternoons, Campers nurture their artistic talents in our Arts & Crafts program.

Peace Be Still
Before dinner, we take 20 minutes to reflect on the day, meditate, and pray in a quiet environment.  We may pray the rosary, recite Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue, listen to hymns, and reflect upon how we are living as Christ taught us.

Evening Program

After dinner, we gather in the Dining Hall for an evening of fun!  We play games, perform skits, and celebrate the end of our day.

Counselor Skits

At our evening program on Thursday night, Counselors put on skits to entertain everyone.  Campers perform their skits on Wednesday night. 

Staff Cabin & Infirmary
The Staff Cabin is located in the center of Camp York.  The Camp Director and senior staff live in this building.  The Staff Cabin also houses our resident nurse or doctor.

Camp Entrance
Camp York is located in an undeveloped area in northwestern York County, SC.  There is a single entrance to camp, with a gate that is locked at night.  The area contains abundant wildlife -- including deer, skunks, rabbits, and raccoons.