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Make Outdoor Christmas Decorations

make outdoor christmas decorations
    christmas decorations
  • A Christmas decoration is any of several types of decorations used at Christmastime. The traditional colours of Christmas are pine green (evergreen), snow white, and heart red. Blue and white are often used to represent winter, or sometimes Hanukkah, which occurs around the same time.
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make outdoor christmas decorations - 21" CHRISTMAS
Your own, personal, Holiday Star shines brightly above your home's entryway. For hundreds of years, people have prepared for Christmas by displaying an Advent Star, representing the Star of Bethlehem. Here's how you can do that now. 3-D star lighting fixture assembles easily in minutes to hang over a porch or front door. Includes pre-wired electrical fixture and 25w incandescent bulb. Molded plastic is UV-treated to prevent yellowing over time. 24" cord. 21" in diameter. UL listed for outdoors.

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Not Exactly Currier & Ives, but I Think this would make a Great Jigsaw Puzzle ~ Best Viewed Large
Not Exactly Currier & Ives, but I Think this would make a Great Jigsaw Puzzle ~ Best Viewed Large
The Monroe, Alpine & Bellfountain area of Benton County, Oregon is basically the Christmas Tree Capital of the World. You can imagine the Christmas Tree Farmers are very busy this time of year. Did you know that your Christmas Tree may have gone for a helicopter ride before it went into a truck to be hauled to your city or town? It has an historic wooden church in Bellfountain, Oregon, a steeple, a cross, a brick chimney, stairs, street lights, sign, mailboxes, a rural street, Douglas Fir trees and Oak, lawn, juniper, flowers, wreath, an ornamental candle decoration for the holidays, fencing, and part of a baseball diamond, some light green metal utility boxes, louvered windows, victorian type scalloped decoration, gables, lots of windows and curtains, and a large trash can. While most of those things are not moving anywhere, there is a driver with a hat, and he is driving a tractor which is pulling a load of Christmas Trees ~ Definitely moving, and definitely seasonal. OK, I found a little bit, but very little about the church. Now it is a community church. I don't know yet what denomination it used to be. One record says built 1900. I don't believe that one. The nearby Bellfountain park was established in 1851, and has one of the longest (if not the longest) single piece of a picnic table in the United States, cut at nearby Dawson Lumber Mill. It is very long. I have seen it. The first burial in the nearby cemetery that has a stone and was recorded was in 1859. There are probably some unmarked burials before that. My guess for this unincorporated town to have built a church would be between 1851 and 1899. I'll try to go look at the sign on the church soon, and see if it says anything more. The following is from Wikipedia. Benton County's finest example of a 19th Century church exhibiting features of the Queen Anne style of architecture. 17 miles south of Corvallis. I think the address of the church is from Travel Oregon. I'm not positive. 25387 Dawson Road Monroe, Oregon 97456 (7883bellfountainchurchloadxmastreesgoingby)
Making Pinecone-Birdseed Treats
Making Pinecone-Birdseed Treats
Countdown to Christmas - Day 9 - Make and hang edible gifts for the birds and squirrels. Today we talked about our responsibility to care for animals - including the pets we have as well as the wildlife that visits us. The girls and I hung cranberry and popcorn strings from several trees around Thanksgiving. As we were filling the feeders today, we noticed that the birds and squirrels like popcorn, but they don't like cranberries. Today, I had the girls go out and get some pinecones from the trees. They put peanut butter on the cones and then rolled them in birdseed. I put yarn around the cones so we can hang them from the trees. Olivia also wants to make a string of peanuts for the squirrels. I need to go to the grocery store to get some peanuts. This weekend, I'll make a big batch of Amish bird suet. I cut it into squares and then put it in red mesh bags (the kind that onions come in). This suet recipe is one that the birds enjoy, and it attracts a wide variety of birds which is fun to watch.

make outdoor christmas decorations
make outdoor christmas decorations
Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas, Outdoor
Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas -- Outdoor. Plays 20 Christmas songs--10 in 'Siberian style' and 10 in a more traditional Christmas sound. Plug strands of lights and lighted items into the six outlets with circuits coordinated to the music. The effect is kaleidoscopic choreography with the music. Each outlet can power up to 1,200 miniature lights -- for a total do 7,200 lights! UL Listed for outdoor use. Approximately 19-inches tall.

Create a truly magical winter wonderland by synchronizing lighted outdoor displays and festive music with Mr. Christmas' Lights and Sounds of Christmas. This easy all-in-one system offers six outlets that each power up to 1,200 miniature lights (7,200 in total) and choreographs all of them to 20 holiday songs--10 Siberian style and 10 traditional tunes. The onboard speaker has full volume control and options to play songs randomly, select songs, and skip songs, while clear weatherized cases keep everything safe and dry. Now that's a show! The station measures approximately 19 inches tall and stakes into the ground. UL Listed for outdoor use. --Kara Karll