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Ideas For Party Decorations

ideas for party decorations
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The Red Hat Society Playful Paper Projects & Party Ideas
The Red Hat Society Playful Paper Projects & Party Ideas
With nearly 42,000 chapters?that’s more than a million women?the Red Hat phenomenon is unstoppable! And this bold, bright, over-the-top sequel to Designer Scrapbooks the Red Hat Society® Way is made to order for the red-hatted gals’ sense of fun.
Features an introduction by Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper?author of two New York Times’ bestsellers.

Every day, more and more women are joining in and proudly donning their red hats?and this zany, energetic collection gives the ladies what they like: out-of-the-hatbox ideas for creating cards and tags in the RHS’s brilliant red and purple scheme. Not only will the projects satisfy the hatters’ boundless creative urges, but they’ll provide yet one more joyful excuse to come together, craft, and celebrate the landmarks in their lives. Each punningly titled chapter?including ?We Have Merry Mirthdays” and ?Red Hatters Have Such Happy Hattitude”?introduces a special theme, from tea party paraphernalia to sequined items that glitter and shine. There are invitations and menus, event announcements and business cards, bookmarks and hat bands, all with patterns to copy and sassy commentary from the irrepressible Ruby Red Hat.

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Halloweeny Party Decorations: Apothecary Display
Halloweeny Party Decorations: Apothecary Display
Nick and I put this together for his birthday/Halloween party. We really loved the idea of apothecaries and wanted to have something that gave off that vibe.
centerpiece for the baby shower
centerpiece for the baby shower
George and I made this from my idea...he did the woodworking and i made all the little girls laundry I had the the craft room!

ideas for party decorations