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Moonrays 99924 Color-Changing Glass Ball Fixture
Moonrays 99924 Color-Changing Glass Ball Fixture
Mesmerizing. Watch the colors in the glass ball slowly change from one to another. Group several fixtures together in a flowerbed for an especially striking effect. Crackle glass ball. 7 color changing LED. Rechargeable NiCd battery (included). 17" high.

The Moonrays Color-Changing Glass Ball transforms any backyard into a festive party destination. This solar-powered, battery-operated decorative light easily sticks into the ground to provide hours of outdoor illumination, and the LED offers seven rotating colors that suit any atmosphere.

Enjoy in Two Simple Steps
The 16.73-inch Moonrays Glass Ball features a strong metal stake that is easy to insert into firmly packed soil. The light is powered by a solar-charged 'AA' NiCd battery (included), making outdoor light sockets and power cords unnecessary. Just plant the light fixture and turn it on for up to eight hours of vibrant illumination. It's that easy!
Colorful Illumination Any Time of Year
The lighted globe is designed with thick crackle glass that's durable enough for extended outdoor use. Along with its strong construction, the Moonrays Glass Ball features seven LED colors--yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, blue, and red. The colors rotate through the spectrum, setting a festive mood for every event.
Lighting That Won't Leave You in the Dark
The LED is designed to last for 100,000 hours of use, which ensures you'll call it a night before your Moonrays light does. With its full spectrum of colors and long-life, solar-powered battery, the Moonrays Glass Ball will illuminate your New Year's parties and summer barbeques for years to come.
What's in the Box
99924 Moonrays Color-Changing Glass Ball Fixture and 'AA' NiCd battery.

The long-lasting Moonrays Glass Ball has seven rotating colors that will enhance your parties for years to come.

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Osmia Lodge Mason Bee Box
Osmia Lodge Mason Bee Box
Description What will help your garden grow? Mason bees. This garden accessory, once populated with bees, is sure to bring more fruit and vegetables to your garden or orchard, and do so in an eco-friendly way. CAPACITY The Osmia Lodge Mason Bee House, with 23 1/2 linear feet of smoothly and precisely milled 5 3/4" long tunnels, has 2 1/2 times the capacity of my Mason Bee Block Size 2, which makes this an excellent value for a medium sized garden. FEATURES One unique feature of these Osmia Lodge Mason Bee Boxes is the grooves. Terminating 3/8" from the end, no straws are necessary, but standard paper straws do fit nicely. By simply removing four bolts from the bottom, the Osmia Lodge will come apart easily for cleaning, or for removing the mason bee coccoons. Carefully drilled bolt holes, precisely sawn parts, and quality hardware make this a bee box that you may rely on year after year. INSTALLATION With these carefully milled Mason Bee Boxes, you can bring greater yields from your garden. Simply hang it near your garden, preferably facing East or South, in a sunny spot where the box will be sheltered. An ideal location is on a wall that will receive morning sunlight. Also it is best to have some source of mud nearby. If you live in a drier area, a stray drip-line on a small pile of soil works well. This model doesn't come with its own shelter, and it's recommended that mason bee nesting materials are protected from rain. If you will position this bee box under an eave or other surface near your garden, this is the perfect choice. If you would like a mason bee box that comes with its own easy-to-use shelter, please take a look at the Osmia Mansion. If your bee box doesn't fill up right away, you may be pleasantly surprised to find other species of pollinators moving into any remaining unoccupied tunnels after your mason bees have completed their work. West of the rockies, we have the Osmia Californica, a later pollinating bee which prefers ornamentals, sunflowers, and garden vegetable flowers. MASON BEE ACTIVITY 101. Please don't hesitate to convo should you have any questions about mason bees. The mason bee is a proven pollinator, superior to the bumblebee and honeybee, due to its earlier start in colder temperatures. Their nesting activity starts as early as February in the lower latitudes and elevations, and as late as June in colder areas. Unable to burrow nests for their young, Mason Bees usually nest in abandoned beetle burrows in dead logs. They have been shown to prefer smooth 5/16” holes, which I mimic precisely, using razor sharp perfectly round tools. Upon selecting a nest cavity, the female Mason Bee starts collecting mud to build an initial partition at the far end of the nest cavity. Females usually nest near the site from which they emerged, and although solitary, they tend to nest closely together. Once this partition is ready, she goes out to collect pollen and nectar, at the same time, to provide food for the eggs she will lay in a linear fashion from the bottom of the cavity, mud, pollen, egg, mud, pollen, egg until the cavity is nearly filled. The final layer is always a heavier deposit of mud, to protect her growing babies from harm. The following spring, the fresh bees emerge, to start the cycle all over again, collecting pollen and nectar, and pollinating your garden at the same time. This particular style bee box may be disassembled in autumn for processing and storage of your mason bee coccoons. MATERIAL Yellow pine, spruce, or fir, from a mill which abides by 2005-2009 Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards. For more information, please visit my profile page for my online shop link.
Clematis Vines Garden Landscape Arbor
Clematis Vines Garden Landscape Arbor
Clematis Vines Garden Landscape Arbor Heavy duty garden trellis, ready for even your heaviest climbing flowers like honeysuckle, clematis, even wisteria. From a limited series of only seven arbors, these were made from unusually thick remilled old growth cedar stock from a decades old factory mezzanine, by solar kiln drying, and re-milling to a fine finish. Rock solid, assembled with glue and high quality oversize fasteners. With proper installation, this arbor will adorn your garden for many years. 7'1" feet wide at top, 7'1" feet tall, 5 foot interior clearance. All parts were sanded before assembly, and temporarily assembled to ensure correct fit, square, and plumb. Comes in easy-to-assemble pre-drilled pieces with lattice walls already assembled, all required hardware included, match-marks and instructions. Free delivery in the Seattle Puget Sound area. Convo me for freight delivery charge for other cities. Currently, three week lead time on all arbors. For more information, please visit my profile page for my online shop link.

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