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Event Decor Rental

event decor rental
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event decor rental - Rental Elite
Rental Elite Light Series Rectangle Folding Table
Rental Elite Light Series Rectangle Folding Table
Heavy duty table is perfect in Banquet Facilities, Churches and Restaurants Great for applications where a lighter table is needed Durable and high quality construction Resin Blow Molded Top Top is waterproof 1'' Beige Powder coated Wishbone Style Legs 16 gauge legs has solid steel bridge welded between each leg for added support Gravity lock folding mechanism for secure setups Non marring floor glides View all Folding Tables Bolts may be visible on table surface; use of cloths/linens recommended

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Decor & Rentals - Kissing Booth
Decor & Rentals - Kissing Booth
Caterer: Pearl Catering Consultant: Purple Iris Weddings & Events Decor & Rentals: Peter Corvallis Productions Florist: Rosemary Stafford Floral Design Photo: Continuum Photography Venue: Urban Studio
Inside view of tent, FullScale Event Productions and Party Rentals, Stage, Lights, Sound, Tents, Decor
Inside view of tent, FullScale Event Productions and Party Rentals, Stage, Lights, Sound, Tents, Decor
FullScale Event Productions and Party Rentals Stage Lights Sound Tents Decor After tent install we started the subfloor prior to the astro turf ,stage, lights sound, tables, chair, linens

event decor rental
event decor rental
Wedding and Event Roman Empire Column Backdrop Starter Set
This Empire colonnade arch wedding starter pack can transform a dull room into a work of art. You can drape it with elegant chiffon and floral arrangements, and add light for a striking glow. Made from durable polyethylene you can confidently rent out any number of props as a business knowing they won't break easily if at all. Includes: 2 Garden Benches 2 Balustrades (each with 4 balusters) 3 Classic urns (22 inches) 3 Balustrade Pedestals 2 48 inch standing wickers 4 72 inch columns Scamozzi caps 4 8ft. Circle, Colonnade top or base 1 Colonnade Arch 72 Inch 3 Balustrade Pedestals