Decorate Large Wall

decorate large wall
    large wall
  • The Large Wall Brown (Lasiommata maera) is a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. The species is common in continental Europe. Though it is an avid flyer It is seldom seen on flight in strong wind. Its preferred habitats are edges of the forests and unmanaged clearings on forested areas.
  • Provide (a room or building) with a color scheme, paint, wallpaper, etc
  • Make (something) look more attractive by adding ornament to it
  • Confer an award or medal on (a member of the armed forces)
  • make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"
  • deck: be beautiful to look at; "Flowers adorned the tables everywhere"
  • award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to; "He was decorated for his services in the military"
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Taylor Precision 5109 Jumbo Indoor/Outdoor Wall Thermometer
Taylor Precision 5109 Jumbo Indoor/Outdoor Wall Thermometer
Taylor Precision 5109 Jumbo Indoor/Outdoor Wall ThermometerTaylor Precision 5109 Jumbo Indoor/Outdoor Wall Thermometer Features:; Contemporary curved shape with bright red reading tube; Extra large, colorful, easy to read numerals; Temperature range -40A°F to 120A°F and -40A°C to 50A°C; Weather resistant and rustproof; 14 1/2" long.; Extra large easy to read face; For indoor and outdoor use; Weather resistant and rust proof; Easy mount design; Jumbo size; Ideal for attic, basement, garage, patio, greenhouse, storage shed, pool area, and trailer; Carded

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Dominican "Large Walls"
Dominican "Large Walls"
From the website: "The first Dominican convent or "Large Walls" The order of Saint-Dominique, founded in Toulouse in 1215 (whose brothers are indifferently called Dominicains, Jacobins or Preaching friars) is installed in Saint-Emilion before 1287. From the primitive convent, built extra-muros, it only remains one wall section, which we can wonder, six centuries later, how it still remains perfect in regard to its height. According to the height under vault and the width of the still visible spans, we can imagine a monument with considerable dimensions. The four groups of fine columns, testify to the elegance of architecture. The two groups of the center columns are pressed on consoles decorated, one with fine sheets, the other of large cabbage sheets eaten by a hare. The long gothic arch windows of the two Western spans, still carry trefoil geminated bays vestiges, surmounted by a quadrilobate opening. Outside, a robust buttress maintains the building. This convent, which included church, cloister, chapter house, bell-tower, had to be destroyed a short time after its construction. Indeed, taken by the enemy, it would have been used as point of support with the greatest disadvantage of the city. Therefore it was demolished at the beginning of the One hundred Year old war, probably towards 1340-1341 'to prevent the enemies of the king from sheltering there.'"
On the night of my thirtieth birthday Sorrel and I were walking home in the rain when I noticed a cast-off dirty traffic horse thenceforth known as the Dirty A. I took it home with us and brought it with me under the shower for a good scrub-down, then managed to fit it into one very large zippered portfolio bag [stolen in the early naughts from DDB New York, but that's a whole different misdemeanor] and bring it to Poland, explaining to the doubtful customs official that the reason I have eighty pounds of oversize luggage after one week in New York was, in part, a birthday gift from an artist friend of one tall sculpture in the shape of the letter A. Part of Scenes From a Life.

decorate large wall
decorate large wall
Command 17003-VP-3PK Large Plastic Hooks Value Pack, 3 Hooks 6 Strips
Utility hook with Command™ adhesive is quick and easy to put-up and take-down. The separate backing strip adheres firmly to flat surfaces--but will not damage wall when removed. Global Product Type: Hangers/Hooks-Hook; Hanger/Hook Type: Hook; Width: N/A; Depth: N/A.

Whip your closet or workspace into shape with the Command Large Hook, a damage-free solution for hanging items in your home and office. This large utility hook holds up to 5 pounds. Thanks to the innovative Command Adhesive strips, you can mount and remount it without damaging your walls--no nails, tacks, or tape required.
3M Command Brand Logo
Large Hooks (White)
Value Pack

Weight Capacity: 5 pounds

Damage-free hanging leaves no sticky residue or stains on your wall
Hook holds up to 5 pounds
Apply and remove hook in seconds
Holds strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, and tile
Ideal for organizing closets and workspaces

3M Command Brand At a Glance

Command General-Purpose Hooks
A damage-free solution for hanging items in your home and office.
Innovative, Damage-Free Application
Easy application and removal keeps your walls damage free.
Command Products How-To

Ideal Hook for Organizing Closets and Workspaces
Maximize your closet space by adding a large Command Hook to the back or front of your closet door. Instead of tossing jackets, robes, and other items on your bed or chair, hang them up neatly on hooks of their own. This sturdy hook is also handy in guest rooms or any other closet space in your home.
This large Command Hook can also help you organize your workspace. Dedicate your hook to cables, cords, or tools weighing 5 pounds or less. Keep your work area tidier by getting those tools off the bench and onto the wall. If you need to rearrange your space, you can easily remove and relocate the hook.
Simple Application and Damage-Free Removal
Command General-Purpose Hooks and RefillApplying Command Hooks to just about any flat, clean surface is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Allow the adhesive strip an hour to set after application, and you'll be ready to hang any item up to 5 pounds. An ideal alternative to nails, tacks, or tape, Command Adhesive holds strong, yet leaves no sticky residue or stains.
To remove, simply grasp the hook and stretch the Command Strip straight down until the base and strip release from the wall. With Command Hooks, redecorating or relocating items is easier than ever.
About Command Products: A Delight to Use and a Cinch to Remove
3M Command products offer simple, damage-free hanging solutions for many projects in your home and office. Simplify decorating, organizing, and celebrating with an array of general and decorative hooks, picture and frame hangers, organization products, and more.
Each Command product features innovative Command Adhesive Strips, which hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, and tile. The adhesive removes cleanly, leaving no holes, marks, sticky residue, or stains. Replacement mounting strips are available, so you can use Command products again and again.
What's in the Box
Three Command Large Hooks and six adhesive strips.

General-Purpose & Decorative Hooks

Hooks Mini
Weight Capacity: 0.5 pounds
Bullet6 hooks, 8 strips
Bullet40 strips, 48 clips (Value Pack)
Hooks Medium
Weight Capacity: 3 pounds
Bullet2 hooks, 4 strips
Bullet6 hooks, 12 strips (Value Pack)
Hooks Large
Weight Capacity: 5 pounds
Bullet1 hook, 2 strips (White)
Bullet1 hook, 2 strips (Green)
Bullet3 hooks, 6 strips (Value Pack)

Wire Hooks Small
Weight Capacity: 0.5 pounds
Bullet3 hooks, 4 strips
Bullet9 hooks, 12 strips (Value Pack)
Wire Hooks Medium
Weight Capacity: 3 pounds
Bullet2 hooks, 4 strips
Wire Hooks Large
Weight Capacity: 5 pounds
Bullet2 hooks, 4 strips

Traditional Hooks Medium
Weight Capacity: 3 pounds
Bullet1 hook, 2 strips (Brushed Nickel)
Traditional Hooks Large
Weight Capacity: 5 pounds
Bullet1 hook, 2 strips (Brushed Nickel)
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