Какие качества развивают наши классы:

- Уверенность в себе
- Умение общаться в группе
- Способность выражать свои мысли, чтобы другие тебя поняли
- Умение выражать свои мысли на русском языке
- Способность нестандартно мыслить
- Умение найтись и придумать решение проблемы или найти, что сказать, в условиях, когда нет времени все обдумать.
- Уверенность в себе во время выступлений на публике
- Освоение азов различных профессий, таких как журналистика, работа с аудио и с видео, мультипликация, кинематография,  сочинительство текстов, стихов, рекламы.

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Since 2003 Children123 Studio leads creative educational programs for Russian-speaking kids in the US as we believe that creativity is an important step on the path of becoming free, authentic and self-expressed human beings.

Children123 studio is introducing kids to various creative techniques, among which are:

  • Musical theater performances
  • Movie shoots
  • Creation of cartoons
  • Writing and recording audio-stories
  • Puppet shows
  • Exploring journalistic techniques culminating in news program preparation
  • Writing poetry
  • and many, many more!

Since 2007 each year Children123 Studio is organizing and carrying out unforgettable creative family camps, where in a family/nature set up in New York area kids live in tents and have classes out in the open and parents teaching them things from a perspective they will seldom be taught in schools, such is math and logic, science experiments, history of civilization, survival in the wild, theater, etc.

Children123 Studio is a thriving community of Russian-speaking people bringing up their kids in the USA. We encourage our little ones to understand and master their first language - Russian; thus many of our programs are geared towards development of creative skills in Russian language.

Studio is lead by Masha Shkolnik Leder - a journalist, poet and a songwriter (with 3 CDs of songs produced in NY, USA), author of musical plays for kids produced in New York since 2008, a mother of two, who is passionate about bringing up creative kids.