"Be careful of reading health books,
you may die of a misprint."
Mark Twain

This site presents information about children, babies, and kids - growing kids- their care, treatment, diseases, illnesses, and other children related topic concerns. It is meant only to satisfy the information needs of parents about their children's health, diseases, vaccination, and related subjects. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the material about diseases, illnesses, and treatment, the author accepts no responsibility for, and certainly does not recommend, the use of this information for the treatment of sick children.

No information available on this web page, or on others, can replace the examination and treatment by an expert doctor or pediatrician. It is not sensible to try to diagnose your child's disease off a web page (or from a book or CD or DVDs), and if your child is acutely ill, go to a hospital immediately. It is strongly recommended.

Note: This site won't take any responsiblity for the topics provided. It is for your guidence and awareness only. Please consult your nearest Child Doctor for your children health care and thier health related matters. Best of luck............. The articles in this site written by the different authors and also my own views. The topics covered in this site are taken  from different authors views  and also my opinions, to bring awareness among the parents.

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