2017/2018 state grade level championship

We will hold the 2017/2018 New Mexico state championship for grade level in Santa Fe on Sunday March 11, 2018.  Registration form is further down on this page.


  • Location: De Vargas Mall, Santa Fe, in the old Hastings store.

  • Cost: $1 (one dollar), pay when you show up.
  • Who can participate: Any New Mexico student from Kindergarten to 12th grade can participate, and 13 state champions are declared.
  • US Chess Federation membership required. You can join or renew USCF at https://new.uschess.org/join-uschess (I recommend the least-frills option).
  • Tournament sections: players will be assigned to sections, each having students from one or more grade levels.  Gold medal for state champion for each grade level, silver and bronze medals for 2nd and 3rd place.  Olympic scoring.
  • Time controls and number of rounds: varies according to the grade level.  G/35; d5 for younger students, G/45; d5 for older ones.
  • Contact: email Mark Galassi <mark@galassi.org> with questions.
  • Registration deadline: you can register here up to 6am the day of the tournament, or show up in person one hour before the starting time.
  • If you register ahead of time you should show up before 9:45am to not be excluded from the first round.
  • Starting time: we start clocks at 10am, tournament will finish by 4pm, and many sections (especially younger students) will finish much sooner.
  • Remember to bring your chess set.
  • We will have a friends-and-family section: parents and friends are encouraged to play!