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Thank you for choosing Dreamers! The learning opportunities offered are endless, and we hope that we are able to help your scholars develop their passions, talents, and ideas! Our developmentally appropriate educational programs provide children ages 6-weeks-old though 6-years-old with endless learning opportunities.

In the Infant/Toddler  Program, our children are brought into a nurturing and relaxed environment that holds all the comforts of a home. Our staff is devoted and works with each child individually to ensure that all needs are met. Through this, we hope that your children discover rhythm through nursery rhymes, songs, and language. Sensory stimulation is an essential part to growth and we try our best to engage your children with toys, colors, and music!

Our small group size and appropriate teacher-child ratios allow for meeting the individual needs of each child.
Your child’s daily schedule will include: 
Speech and Language Development:  Reading books, identifying familiar people, animals and toys, talking, nursery rhymes and flannel stories where they can imitate simple sounds.
Music and Movement: Participation in singing, listening, shaking toys such as rattles, singing simple songs, and dancing to various types of music (expansion in cultural music as well!)

Small and Large Muscle Motor Development: Stacking blocks , turning, twisting and manipulating objects, passing balls, climbing , feeding self, holding a cup, turning pages in a book, pulling self to a standing position ,walking, running, sitting in chairs, and carrying toys from place to place.

Sensory Activities: Playing with different tactile toys, textures, textured books, toys and different art mediums such as play dough, finger painting, coloring and water table play.

Our children create their own schedule of feeding, sleeping, and playing; however, our staff will work closely with each family to ensure consistency for the child between Dreamers child care and home. 

In  Preschool rooms we will introduce scholars to hands-on math, science activities, reading workbooks, and writing skills to provoke intellectual abilities and growth!

Language Arts
- Letters and sounds of alphabet characters are promoted with entertaining songs. Workbooks help push towards learning basic strokes of uppercase and lowercase letters. Literacy is very important in Dreamers. We value the importance of language and words and ensure that books are read daily, as well as identification of sounds, rhymes, and words are spoken about daily.

Mathematics - Numbers and mathematically related ideas are experienced on the basis. Multiple games are provided for helping promote counting, number operations, shapes, and patterns.
Science and Social Studies - The stimulation of exploring various environments is an essential part of our community. We engage our children in conversing about other cultures, languages, and ideas. We have maps to stimulate questions and evoke our children to raise questions about the daily practices of the world we live in.

Art - One of the most important motor skills a child can have. We hope that Art helps express emotions and build the basic blocks for creativity. We are raising brilliant children and we hope that the wide varieties of techniques learned through art projects help evoke comfort and confidence.