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was established in 2004 under the name of Once Upon A Time, a home daycare run by Oksana and Igor Klishch, the parents of two beautiful children: Iryna (20) and Yuliya (17). Childcare has played a significant role in the Klishch family, having moved from Ukraine, family values have always been essential to providing quality care.

Oksana and Igor understood that creating a safe and loving environment was crucial to the growth and development of a child; however, they wanted to go beyond that and entrust their families with truly remarkable relationships that go beyond typical childcare. They wanted to create a second home, a space for children to excel to their truest potentials. Dreamers provides it's families with a promise to fulfill the next generation with intelligence, dedication, and passion.

Dreamers works with the families personally so that all needs are met.

Dreamers ensures that each child is looked after with care and love.

Dreamers welcomes you into a bright, unique family that values culture, language, and traditional family values.