Here at Dreamers we are strong believers in the power of music. From a young age, we teach the children the importance in different creative fields and we hope to help them understand music in both context and as a process to further develop valuable skills. Our primary objective is to guide children to both enjoy music, and to slowly begin to differentiate between melody, pace, rhythm, and sound. By examining music in terms of natural creativity, we seek to use music as both an engagement of learning and of pleasure. Musical concepts and movement can be tools to help children directly engage with not only sound, but with one another. The skills they gain from our musical program at Dreamers, can be used to guide the future years of all Dreamers' alumni. The music teacher that visits us each week will facilitate the development of children's socialization, motor, and communication abilities, while our classroom teachers will use the remaining of the week to review new ideas and songs. We hope that specific instrumental activities will encourage children to use music in multiple settings far beyond our classroom doors.


Spanish and Ukrainian

The importance of learning new languages from a young age can be crucial to the development of a child. Studies have pronounced that younger children more quickly pick up language because of their ability to mimic sounds and quickly develop fluency to new accents. Through songs, activities, and other creative junctions such as puppets and hands-on art actives, we strive to help your child learn Spanish in an environment that not only mimics early stages of language acquisition, but helps children do so with ease. During class, children enjoy challenging actives as they review new Spanish words, basic vocabulary that are rooted in colors, shapes, numbers, greetings, body parts, pets, clothes, and food. In addition, we touch on specific themes throughout the year that will help your child apply what they are learning in Spanish to the context of their every day classroom.

We are an American-Ukrainian family and thus the importance of our Ukrainian heritage is very important here at Dreamers. Although not mandatory, we strongly encourage your child to participate in our Ukrainian classes that are offered by one of our Ukrainian teachers. Similar to the Spanish classroom setting, we strive to introduce children to basic Ukrainian vocabulary through a number of planned actives. We hope to encourage children to speak Ukrainian, read children's literature that evidently establishes Ukrainian culture, and participate in numerous musical actives that involve rhymes, songs, and more!