White Beans with squid, arugula, and cherry tomatoes

White Beans w/ Squid, Arugula, and Cherry Tomatoes
Adapted from Bon Appetit September 2009; serves 4

1 lb cleaned squid, bodies & tentacles separated
3 c baby arugula (~3 oz)
1 1/2 c cherry tomatoes, halved
1 c cooked or canned white beans
1/3 c evoo
2-3 T fresh lemon juice

steam squid bodies and tentacles until tender, about 3 minutes (I used a bamboo steamer). Transfer to plate and cool to lukewarm.

Cut squid bodies into 1/2 " wide rings and cut tentacles in half, if large. Transfer to large bowl. Add arugula, tomatoes, bean, olive oil, and lemon juice. Toss gently, and add more lemon juice if desired. Season w/ salt & pepper. (if making leftovers, divide and do not add olive oil and lemon juice until ready to serve)