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Wu, Andy C.-S Hsiao, C.-P Waqas, J. Cheng, N. Lin, J., Interactive Visual Data Exploration Solutions for Industrial Systems, Paper Accepted at IEEE Vis 2013.

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Fritz, R. Hsiao, C.-P. and Johnson, R. B. (2009) Gizmo & WiiViewIn the Proceedings of ACADIA 09' reForm (Chicago). pp. 278 - 280. pdf

Course Works
Information Visualization, Ubiquitous Computing, Introduction to HCI, Design Games, Design Computation, Ambient Intelligence, Creativity and Design Cognition, Engineering Database, Health Environment and Future, Evidence Based Design. GPA 4.0/4.0.


Mobile Music Touch - a glove that can teach how to play piano.

Digital Box and Block Test - a computerized version of Box and Block Test for dexterity evaluation for Post-Stroke Patients.

3D GeM - a Natural User Interface for interacting with a VR/AR immersive environment.

ClockReader - an electronic cognitive screening tools for dementia.

Social Mirror - a communication medium that connects young adults with autism with their trusted social network such as their family, caregivers, and friends.

Finding Evidences from Visualized Press Ganey Dataa way to quickly discover the correlations betwen patient satisfactions and physical environments.

NE1 View - an immersive environment that extend the physical space to the virtual space.

From Family With Love - a remote communication medium for patients and their loved ones.

Presentations & Activities

(1/13/2013) Giving a talk in Design Computing Forum about "The alternative ways for interacting with computer models."

(11/9/2012) Giving a talk in Aware Home Research Initiative about "the Digital Box and Block Test."

(10/20/2012) Presented "Dancing on the Desktop - Gesture Modeling System to Augment Design Cognition" in ACADIA 2012.

(11/3/2011) Presented "Gestural Modeling - Improving Spatial Recognition in Architecural Design Process" in Creativity and Cognition 2011, ACM.

Service as a reviewer for Creativity and Cognition 2011.

(7/14/2011) Presented "TiMBA - Tangible User Interface for Model Building and Analysis" in HCI International 2011, Springer.

(7/8/2011) Presented "Combine Digital & Physical with Vision-Based Tangible User Interfaces" in CAAD Futures 11'.

(1/24/2011) Performance: Lu, S.-C., Hsiao, C.-P., Ahn, S., and Wu, A., Hawl, ACM Press, Proceedings of Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2011 (TEI '11), 2011.

(1/26/2011) Chaired the session "Sensing and Interactions" in TEI 11', ACM.

(1/22/2011) Presented "Tangible User Interface for Architectural Modeling and Analyses" in TEI 11', ACM. 

(10/25/2009) Presented “Gizmo & WiiView” in ACADIA 09' Conference


  (2010 ~) Ph.D. in Design Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology

  (2007-2009) Master of Science in Architecture, University of Washington

  (2000-2004) B. Arch, Department of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University

  (1997-2000) Diploma, National Chang Hua Senior High School

Work Experience

(2008 ~) Senior Software Developer / Digital Alchemy

- Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Project: Simergy - Energy Plus GUI Design & Development

- US General Services Administration (GSA) Project: IFC Model View Definition Documentation (MVD)

- Concept Design BIM 2010

Design to Code Compliance Checking (ICC 2006)

Design to Quantity Takeoff

- IFC Unit Testing Development

- IFC Model Exchange for Microsoft VISIO

- IFC Quantity Take Off for Microsoft Office Excel

(2007) Architecture Designer/ SCS Architects

- The New Building of China Medical University Hospital

- Site Plan Project for Pinewoods  “Jim-Fo” Monastery in New York State

- Yeh House

(2004) Research Assistant / The plan of landscape and environment of Tainan Government

(2003) Intern Architect / The Observe Design Group(Taipei) (J. M. LIN Architect(N.Y.))

The international competition of New Taiwan by design (The Part of Sun Moon Lake  Tourist)

- The design competition of Taiwan Museum Renew

- The design competition of Taiwan foundation for democracy

(2002) Intern Architect / Lin, Juo-Shi Architect Association

Honor, Awards, Scholarships

(2013) Selected as IEEE PerCom conference student scholarships

(2012) Selected as ACADIA conference student scholarships

(2003) Selected as Chinese Outstanding College Youths of 2003

(2003) First Class / National Taiwan Music Contest, the adult group of winds orchestra, Conductor

(1995) First Place / Chang-Hua County Violin Contest, Junior Group

(1994) Second Place / Chang-Hua County Violin Contest, Elementary Group

Extracurricular Activities

(2009) Performing Chamber Music at Brechemin Auditorium, School of Music, University of Washington

(2009) Android App, “Seattle BusFinder”, has had more than 10000 downloads from Android Market.

(2007) Selected trumpet member of Sirens Symphonic Winds Orchestra

(2005-2006) Selected trumpet and violin member of The Ministry of National Defense Symphony Orchestra

(2004) Selected Trumpet Member of Taiwan Youth Winds Orchestra

(2002-2003) Symphony Orchestra Club of N.C.K.U., President

(2002-2003) Symphony Orchestra of N.C.K.U., Conductor

(2001-2003) Winds Orchestra of N.C.K.U., Conductor

(2001) Selected Violin Member of Taiwan Youth Symphony Orchestra, South Africa Concert Tour

(1999) Winds Orchestra Club in Chang-Hua Senior High School, Conductor

(1997) Selected Violin Member of Taiwan Youth Symphony Orchestra, Southeast Asia Concert Tour

(1994) Selected Violin Member of Taiwan Youth Symphony Orchestra, American Concert Tour

Computer Skills

Computer Programming Language

C#, JavaScript, JAVA, C, Visual Basic, Ruby, Objective-C, C++, PHP, HTML, ActionScript

Other Skills

OpenCV, OpenGL, OpenNI, HTML5, Kinect SDK, Android, iOS, Windows Tablet Programing, Unity 3D Gaming Engine, Vtk, IFC development, SVN version control system management.

Computer Graphic Skills

AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, INDESIGN, FLASH, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Excel, Keynote, SketchUp, 3Ds Max, Rhinoceros & Grasshopper, SolidWorks, Ecotect, V-Ray, Maxwell.


Hsiao, Chih-Pin

Born  March 1st, 1982 

Chang-Hua County, Taiwan