We have now have two calendars for Logan Chieftain Sports. The one of the left is the Chieftain Games calendar, which shows all games, matches, and meets for all LHS sports teams. The one of the right is the Chieftain Practices calendar, which shows all practices for LHS sports teams. To view either calendar in full scene, click one of the links above. Google Calendar users can subscribed to either calendar by clicking the +Google Calendar link at the bottom right corner of that calendar. For those using another calendar, you can subscribe by clicking one of these links: Chieftain Games calendar or Chieftain Practices calendar.

Below the live calendars is a static, Fall Sports Schedule Summaries file. This is a listing of the sport schedules as published in August and will not be updated if schedules change.

Chieftain Games

Chieftain Practices

Paul Cummings,
Aug 20, 2014, 5:08 AM