Chief Illiniwek is a time-honored symbol of the University of Illinois and the State of Illinois' most visible representation of its Native heritage.


Chief Illiniwek proudly and majestically represented the University and the State for almost 80 years.





Founded in 1998, the Chief Illiniwek Educational Foundation sought to utilize the presence of Chief Illiniwek to promote greater education and awareness of Illinois Natives', culture, tradition, and history to the students, alumni, and friends of the University of Illinois

Document Library
¤  A Brief History of the Chief  (PDF File)
¤  Record of Chief Illiniwek from 1959 (PDF File)
¤  Chief Illiniwek Tradition - Lester Leutwiler (PDF File)
¤  Chief Illiniwek's Dance (PDF File)
¤  Fall 1998 Newsprint Leaflet (6MB PDF File)
¤  The Roots of the Chief Illiniwek Tradition
¤  The 2nd Illiniwek - The Webber Borchers Narrative
¤  Frank Fools Crow and the Chief Illiniwek Regalia
¤  Roster of all students portraying Chief Illiniwek
¤  Chief Illiniwek's Dance (Three In One Performance)

Photo Library
¤  Historic Chief Illiniwek photographs
¤  Chief at halftime (Three-in-One)
¤  Chief entering the field (Three-in-One)
¤  Chief Illiniwek Tradition

External Websites
¤  Links to Illini Nation and Illinois' Native History
¤  UIUC Dialogue on Chief Illiniwek
¤  Marching Illini - Chief Illiniwek XXX