Sixth Grade Charger Band


Mr. Swallow (second and third hours)

*********Dear Parents:
The times have been posted in the document section since Sunday night at about 8:30 PM. There has even been 5 revisions of this schedule since then. The students have been been shown where to find these times. Please check with your child if you have any questions about times, what to wear, etc. This information has been shared with them multiple times during the last three weeks.   posted 5-10-2017

*****On Thursday May 11th the members of the 6th Grade Band will be playing in their last “concert” of the year. This year instead of a full concert we did a unit on chamber music (solos and / or small groups).  During the week of March 13 and March 20, the students and I began discussing what to look for in a solo or ensemble, what traits to look for in an ensemble partner(s), where to find the music (online or store), etc. The students were then asked to use what was discussed in class to help them make their final selection. Their final selection was supposed to have taken place on or before April 7. Several of the students had their selection picked out before spring break and are doing a great job.  There were 15 to 20 students that had not even begun their search for music until April 7.  

Part of this experience is to play the music they selected in a smaller setting. In our case, each student will play their music for parents, friends and whoever else may happen to be in the room. There could be 3-4 people in the room listening or there could be 20-30. I will be hiring current and / or retired Unit 5 music educators to listen to the students and assess their playing that night.  The chamber music unit has already been a learning experience for me. All of the students have  had about 35 - 40 minutes of each class period to help prepare their piece. Unfortunately the students that had not selected their piece by the due date, lost valuable preparation time during class that they will need to make up at home.  I have been spending time helping each solo / ensemble since April 10. If the students wanted more “coaching” time, before and after school was also available.  Some students understand the preparation process and work great independently. As of last Friday the students should have been able to play a little more than half of their selection. By Thursday of this week, they should be able to play the entire piece.  Please make sure you are continuing to listen to your student each weekend.

During those two weeks in March, the students were given guidelines to follow for music selection. Most of the music that was selected has piano accompaniment or a recorded soundtrack to go with it. I am paying for an accompanist for everyone that needs one. Mrs. Jo Lynn Robinson (retired Unit 5 choir director) will be here later this week for the students to record their piano part so the student can prepare with it at home. If they have a cell phone, they can record their own. If they don’t, I will record it, put it in Google Drive and then share it with the student.

The evaluators will place all performers in a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Division. Since this is a required performance for all 6th graders (it has been on the calendar since the beginning of the school year and listed as required) there is no fee involved for the performance. However, if your student would like the corresponding medallion that goes along with the division rating that they earn, check the appropriate box and return $5.00 with this form. This will cover just the cost of the medallion. I am taking care of the evaluators and the accompanist.

Please select your preferred performance time and whether you would like to play earlier or later if all the times in the hour block are taken. Times will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. In other words, the sooner you return the form, the better chance you will have your preferred time. Unlike a regular concert, the student’s time commitment for the evening is reduced a minimum of 75 minutes to little as 15 minutes or less from warm up, to performance, to leaving the building.  

Posted 5-2-2017

*****The 6th Grade Charger Band is preparing for their first concert of the year. The concert will be Monday, November 14 at Normal Community High School (auditorium). Home rooms, warm up times and performance times will be announced at a time closer to the concert.  The concert is held in conjunction with the Unit 5 Music Parents’ Spaghetti Supper. Please consider supporting this event and eat with us either before or after the performance. 

The students should wear nice, dress up clothes that evening. We are asking that there be no blue jeans, t-shirts, shorts, leggings (or any kind of "eggings") or tennis shoes. If your child decides to wear a skirt or dress, it must be past their knees AFTER they sit down without stretching it. The stage at the high school is about four feet above the first few rows of seats. Hopefully that will guide you in the direction of nice pants instead of the skirt or dress.

posted 9-16-16

Calendar of Events- See Calendar link in left side bar for this year's performance dates!

Music and instruments should be coming home EVERY Friday (or the last day of any given week). The students will always have something that they can be working on. Students who leave their Instruments at school over the weekend are subject to consequences.

The students should be able to play their chamber music pieces beginning to end by Thursday, May 4.

Some students waited entirely too long to select their music. A SPECIAL THANKS to all the students and parents who had their music selected before spring break and also to the students that had their music selected by the due date.
posted 5-2-2017