Sixth Grade Charger Band


Mr. Swallow (sixth and seventh hours)

6th Grade parents, please go to the document section and download and read the information about the 6th graders final "concert" on Thursday, May 10. Performance times will be assigned, first returned receives their first choice.                posted 4-30-2018

I have uploaded the sign up form for the summer band program. Please notice that you either email or mail the form to Mrs. Meadows at Kingsley Junior High.  posted 4-30-2018

posted 4-30-2018

****Please be in room 32, instrument out and ready to move at 5:20. Parents, the 6th graders play at 6:25 and when they are finished you are to meet them in the area outside of the cafeteria. PLEASE ask the students to show you where they wrote this information down 2 weeks ago when we placed it on the board.  If you are planning on eating at the spaghetti dinner, there really won't be enough time for the students to eat before they have to be ready to go to the auditorium. As we stated before, it will be best to eat afterwards. All of this info except for home room has been listed here on the website since Oct. 18 (see below).   posted 11-13-2017

The 6th Grade Charger Band is preparing for their first concert of the year. The concert will be Monday, November 13 at Normal Community High School (auditorium). We are asking that the band be in the home room (announce closer to the date) at 5:20. We will then head to the auditorium to listen to the Marching Ironmen. After that performance we will move into a warm up room as we finish getting ready for our 6:25 performance in the auditorium.  The concert is held in conjunction with the Unit 5 Music Parents’ Spaghetti Supper. Please consider supporting this event. Our suggestion is to eat after our performance.  

The students should wear nice, dress up clothes that evening. We are asking that there be no blue jeans, t-shirts, shorts, leggings (or any kind of "eggings") or tennis shoes. If your child decides to wear a skirt or dress, it must be past their knees AFTER they sit down without stretching it. The stage at the high school is about four feet above the first few rows of seats. Hopefully that will guide you in the direction of nice pants instead of the skirt or dress.

posted 10-18-2017

Calendar of Events- See Calendar link in left side bar for this year's performance dates!

Music and instruments should be coming home EVERY Friday (or the last day of any given week). The students will always have something that they can be working on. Students who leave their Instruments at school over the weekend are subject to consequences.


All students should be able to play from beginning to end of Cumberland March.                    
posted 10 - 18 - 2017