Sixth Grade Charger Band


Mr. Swallow (second and third hours)

*****(This information was given to the students early last week and was repeated each day they were in class. Each day they were told to write this down and share with parents. This was a "test" to see if the information got home based on the number of emails that I received from parents.)
Homeroom:  NCHS Room 33
Call Time: 6:15 (This is the time we leave for warm up. 
Please plan accordingly for parking, eating, etc.)
Performance: 7:10
Attire: See the post below from 9-16. We are going to try to "flood" the auditorium with purple to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. The only exception to the guidelines below would be if the student already had a purple skirt / dress, the student may wear leggings with the purple but this is the only exception to the no leggings guideline.  THANKS!
Posted 11-13-16

*****The 6th Grade Charger Band is preparing for their first concert of the year. The concert will be Monday, November 14 at Normal Community High School (auditorium). Home rooms, warm up times and performance times will be announced at a time closer to the concert.  The concert is held in conjunction with the Unit 5 Music Parents’ Spaghetti Supper. Please consider supporting this event and eat with us either before or after the performance. 

The students should wear nice, dress up clothes that evening. We are asking that there be no blue jeans, t-shirts, shorts, leggings (or any kind of "eggings") or tennis shoes. If your child decides to wear a skirt or dress, it must be past their knees AFTER they sit down without stretching it. The stage at the high school is about four feet above the first few rows of seats. Hopefully that will guide you in the direction of nice pants instead of the skirt or dress.

posted 9-16-16

Calendar of Events- See Calendar link in left side bar for this year's performance dates!

Music and instruments should be coming home EVERY Friday (or the last day of any given week). The students will always have something that they can be working on. Students who leave their Instruments at school over the weekend are subject to consequences.

This weekend (Friday, October 21 - Sunday, October 23) the students whould be working on:
A Song For Friends - Beg. to end
Mt. Rushmore March - Beg. to end

Some students have been waiting for me to go over the music with them one note at a a time. We have been working on new rhythms, new time signatures but new notes are something that the students must look up, review, and mark on their own. Several of the students have "forgot" how to count. Please ask them to show you their notes for class. Most have written these things inside their folders. Others have made some poor choices and haven't written anything down. The first concert will be here before they know 
posted 10-21-16

Here are links to the music for our first concert. Click on the "listen" icon for the recording to come up.  9-30-16

A Song For Friends

Mount Rushmore March
(partial recording, starts with the pick up into 
measure 9)