Seventh Grade Concert Band

Contact:  Mr. Swallow                         

****The 7th grade band will NOT be performing on Saturday, April 28. Your last performance this year is scheduled for Monday, May 15
Posted 3-24-17

***I wanted to give a BIG shout out to the 7th 

Grade Concert Band to let everyone know how 

proud I am of them and the way they have started the

year off. They now understand what a little  

hard work can accomplish. Although things may

not have went as smoothly as we would have 

liked last year, we have made great strides in 

just the few short weeks since school began. 

Keep up the great work!

Calendar of Events - See Calendar link on left side bar for performance dates!

Music and instruments should be coming home EVERY weekend. Band/choir students should being bringing them home on Thursday nights and 5 day band students should be bringing them home on Friday. With the buses as overcrowded as they are, it is imperative that the choir students take them home on Thursday. Please be aware that as a 7th grader, concert dress is black pants, white shirt and black shoes. No leggings, 'eggings of any kind. Thanks.  9-15-16

Here is what the 7th graders should be working on over the weekend:
Majesty of the Mountains-- Beg. to the end
General Grant-- Beg. to the end
TBD -- This selection is still on order.

Some students have been waiting for me to go over the music with them one note at a time. We have been working on new rhythms, new time signatures but new notes are something that the students must look up, review, and mark on their own. Several of the students have "forgot" how to count. Please ask them to show you their notes for class. Most have written these things inside their folders. Others have made some poor choices and haven't written anything down. The first concert will be here before they know it.

PLEASE use the recording links as a resource to help you play while at home.
posted 3-24-17

Here are links to the music for our first concert. Click on the "listen" icon for the recording to come up.       posted 3-24-17

Majesty of the Mountains