Seventh Grade Concert Band

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Parents:  You will be receiving an email through Skyward that will discuss the preparation for the last performance. Here are the links to Pony Express and (Risk) Everything for a Dream. The students were supposed to have all of the key signatures, note names, fingerings / slide positions, and rhythms finished before spring break. Even when these two pieces were removed from last Saturday's performance list, the students were reminded that they were expected to either finish the preparation of these parts or continue reviewing the pieces. It is imperative that parents listen to their child play their part with the recordings. You don't have to be able to play an instrument or be able to read music to be able to tell if your child is prepared or not. There was a reason that these two pieces were pulled from the performance last weekend but we cannot pull them from Monday's performance. Pony Express has been played by several of our 7th grade bands in the last 9 years and has always been a favorite of the groups that have played the piece. Ask your child to tell you the story behind (Risk) Everything for a Dream. We spent several days talking about this. Expect the Skyward email on Wednesday, May 2. Students are going to be instructed to take their instruments home after school so that you can make the determination the amount of work that is going to need to take place over the next few days. 
posted 5-2-2018 

posted 4-30-2018

I have uploaded the sign up form for the summer band program. Please notice that you either email or mail the form to Mrs. Meadows at Kingsley Junior High.  posted 4-30-2018

You will be receiving a Skyward email today about a possible concert change. I need everyone to check their calendars. 

If the new date (Thursday, March 8) doesn't cause significant hardship for the student / family, you don't have to do anything.  If you already have something scheduled that night that can't be changed (tickets to another concert, etc.), then please let me know. More explanation will be given in the email.      
posted 2-22-18

*****Check out the practice schedule in the right column. If you haven't done so already, please take time and add the rest of our concerts to your family calendar. posted Feb. 6, 2018

****We will be needing a few parent volunteers on Saturday, April 28. A few of the jobs that will need to be filled are: ticket taker, door watcher, set up. Of the two contests that we have run, this one requires very few adult workers.   posted Feb. 6, 2018

Calendar of Events - See Calendar link on left side bar for performance dates!

****The following information was posted on October 18, 2017

Music and instruments should be coming home EVERY weekend. Band/choir students should being bringing them home on Thursday nights and 5 day band students should be bringing them home on Friday. With the buses as overcrowded as they are, it is imperative that the choir students take them home on Thursday. Please be aware that as a 7th grader, concert dress is black pants, white shirt and black shoes. No leggings, 'eggings of any kind. Thanks.  10-18-17

Now think back to just the last 3-4 days. Did you hear your student practicing their instrument? Did you hear them the week before? Last weekend we had 7 students leave their instruments at school over the weekend. If your student ever comes home on a Friday without an instrument and tries to tell you they have nothing to work on ........if they try this and you believe them, then I have a bridge in New York that I need to sell and it will be very cheap. As of this writing we have 6 rehearsals left where the entire band will be in the same room at the same time. Ask your students the difference between practicing and rehearsing.  We still have individuals that have not taken their instrument home since the holiday break and this is the start of week 5.  Please let me know if they can't define what happens and where practicing takes place. With the same questions being asked about rehearsing.

Here are links to the pieces that they are preparing.

Lest We Forget          (this piece is probably going to                                        be cut)


It is extremely unfortunate that as I am doing this update I am rereading the paragraph below.  Here is what I had asked for help with beginning last October 18. I challenge all families to pull up the recordings above and ask your student to play their part along with the recording. posted Feb. 6, 2018

Some students have been waiting for me to go over the music with them one note at a time. We have been working on new rhythms, new time signatures but new notes are something that the students must look up, review, and mark on their own. Several of the students have "forgot" how to count. Please ask them to show you their notes for class. Most have written these things inside their folders. Others have made some poor choices and haven't written anything down. The first concert will be here before they know it.
posted 10-18-17