Chiddix Jazz Band



Dear Parents and Students,
I think that the students did a great job today. We earned a Division I Rating, which is a wonderful sign of the hard work everyone put in. The judges had many nice things to say about the performance. They especially liked the band's sense of time and style. They also had good comments for the soloist. I am very proud of the job everyone did. 

We are only as good as our next performance though so here are the details that you will need to know for our final one.

1. Jazz Band performs next at the May 14th 7th and 8th grade concert. This concert starts at 7 pm in the          Chiddix gym.
2. We will have a quick 20 min Rehearsal starting at 6:20 to refresh Danza. 
3. I am not planning on having a May 10th rehearsal and I have changed the May 3rd rehearsal to a                    recruiting rehearsal for the fifth-seventh grade that may not have been in jazz this year. Of course
       everyone is welcome and I would love to see you there. We will be working on jazz basics and will learn
       a standard jazz tune. 
4.    As we wrap up this year I would also like to have a quick 15-20 minute meeting on May 17th to have
       the students do a quick survey, celebrate the year and watch a few of the performances if they have
       time. We will not play that evening. 

Again thank you all for a great year.


Alex Borst
Chiddix Jazz Sponsor

posted  4-30-2018