Eighth Grade Symphonic Band

Contact:  Mr. Swallow 

****You will be receiving a Skyward email today about a possible concert change. I need everyone to check their calendars. 

If the new date (Thursday, March 8) doesn't cause significant hardship for the student / family, you don't have to do anything.  If you already have something scheduled that night that can't be changed (tickets to another concert, etc.), then please let me know. More explanation will be given in the email.      
posted 2-22-18

****Check out the practice schedule in the right column. If you haven't done so already, please take time and add the rest of our concerts to your family calendar. We will be needing a few parent volunteers on Saturday, April 28. A few of the jobs that will need to be filled are: ticket taker, door watcher, set up. Of the two contests that we have run, this one requires very few adult workers.   posted Feb. 6, 2018

****Some pictures from a full orchestra rehearsal. Call time for next Tuesday is 7:30. Concert attire (so that we match the orchestra) is black dress pants, black shirt (or darkest that you have) and black shoes. If you have had a member of the family that was in choir or orchestra that has one of the black shirts please see if it will fit your current student. The 8th graders are really excited to be part of this performance.
posted December 13, 2017

****We are VERY excited to have been invited by the orchestra to play a piece with them at their winter program. The concert will be Tuesday, December 19. The orchestra part of the program will begin at 7:30 and it will be held in the NCHS auditorium. Please add this date to your calendar. 

****Please put all of the performance dates on your calendar for the entire year.  We will list call times on the webpage closer to the performance date for the first concert. 10-18-2017

****PLEASE consider eating with all of the band parents on Monday, November 13. Even though the 8th graders will play later that week, this would be a GREAT way to help support the music programs in the UNIT 5.
posted 10-18-17

****Remember that concert dress for the year is black pants, white shirt  and black shoes. No leggings / 'eggings of any kind. 10-18-17

Calendar of Events - See Calendar link on left side bar for performance dates!

Music and instruments should be coming home EVERY weekend. Band/choir students should being bringing them home on Thursday nights and 5 day band students should be bringing them home on Friday. With the buses as overcrowded as they are, it is imperative that the choir students take them home on Thursday.

I have been extremely proud of the 8th grade students the past few weeks. Instruments are going home on the weekends and parts being worked on so that when we are in class, we are able to rehearse. Ask your student the difference between practicing and rehearsing. The next concert is coming up VERY quickly and just like the fall, I am amazed with the growth that these young men and women are  showing.  Remember if your child tells you some weekend that they don't have  anything to practice........if they tell you this and you believe them, then  please remember that I have a bridge for sale in New York. 


Saint Mihiel by Karl King
We are still trying to locate a recording of this piece.  I don't think the students will need it but I will keep looking.

The Moon of Winter - This is quickly becoming one of our favorite pieces to rehearse. This will be played at the February 27 concert and then will return in April to be played at the April 28, IESA Organization performance. 

Aggressivo - VERY high energy with lots of power. 

We still have a march to finalize for the contest in April. Along with The Moon of Winter the band will be playing a piece called Voltage