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Please check the bottom of this page for new dates.  Three of the four required performances have had to change dates due to conflicts involving the high schools. Dates that have changed are listed in red. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ogdon.    9-25-2019

     All Chiddix band students have been given the all clear to bring their instruments to school beginning Wednesday, August 21, 2019.  Although the isn't 100% back to Normal, we are excited that we can at least beginning playing our instruments again.  
     Please ask your student for the printed version of the concert schedule that Mrs. Ogdon gave the students on Monday, August 19.  8-20-2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. Over the next few days it will be extremely important for the students to check for signs outside of the band room, listen for announcements during the day, and check here on the website for important information regarding the beginning of the year.  We are hoping that you have received the email from Mr. Allen regarding the mold in our room. Every instrument that was in the school during the summer was found to have mold growing on the instrument and/or the case. The instruments that went in for repairs/servicing this summer are the only instruments that we currently have that do not have to go through the cleaning process. We have had two industrial size dehumidifiers in our room along with two air purifiers running since Monday. Mrs. Ogdon and I are trying to make sure that all surfaces as well as the carpet are "cleaned". I have been in this room and have never experienced mold like we have experienced the last few days. We are still working on where we will be meeting with students the first few days until we receive an all clear sign that we are comfortable with.  No student instrument should be brought to school until further notice. There is no place to store the instruments and the office is not equipped to handle the instruments. The band room itself is going to remained locked until further notice. Mrs. Ogdon and I will be working on music activities until we are able to use the room again.  
     If you have any questions please contact us or Mr. Allen.   Posted 8-15-2019

     Before the end of the school day on Friday, the concert dates for the entire year will be posted. It is EXTREMELY important that you put these on your calendar tomorrow evening. 

The most important thing to remember about the website is that if you have ANY questions throughout the year PLEASE ask. Thanks for all of your help and support that you give to the Chiddix Bands!   posted 8-15-19

ddix Junior High School Bands
 300 S. Walnut Street  |  Normal, IL  61761

Upcoming Events


Sat, Sept. 28, 2019    Twin Cities Honor Band, @BJHS
                                  select 7th & 8th students, 8 am - 4 pm
Mon, Oct. 14, 2019     ILMEA Dist. 3 Auditions, @BJHS
                                   select 7th & 8th,  8 am - 12 pm
Thurs, Nov. 7, 2019     Fall Concert @ CJHS, 
                                    7th* Grade & 8th* Grade, 7:00 pm
Mon, Nov. 11, 2019     Music Parent's Spaghetti Supper @NCHS
                                    5th* Grade & 6th* Grade, TBA
Sat, Nov. 16, 2019        ILMEA District #3 Honor Band                                                                        @Olivet Nazerene, Bradley, IL  
                                      select students,     ALL DAY
Wed, Dec. 18, 2019     Winter Concert @ CJHS
                                    5th** Grade & 6th* Grade, 6:00 pm
                                    7th* Grade & 8th* Grade, 7:15 pm
Mon, Dec. 16, 2019     Holiday Concert @NCHS
** Grade (see note on  5th grade page)
Tues, March 10, 2020  Music In Our Schools Month Concert, @ CJHS
                                     5th* Grade & 6th* Grade      6:00 pm
                                     7th* Grade & 8th* Grade      7:15 pm
Sat, April TBA, 2020      IESA Solo & Ensemble, site TBA
                                     select 7th & 8th Grade, all day
Sat, May 2, 2020           IESA Organization Eval. @ TBA
                                     7th* Grade & 8th* Grade, TBA
Mon, May 11, 2020      Spring Concert @CJHS
                                     5th* Grade & 6th* Grade   6:00 pm
                                     7th* Grade & 8th* Grade   7:15 pm

Sat, May 16, 2020        8th Grade (see 8th Grade page for details)
posted 8-20-2019
REVISED 9-25-2019