About Us

My name is Nikki Bolleurs and although a South African by birth, it took until 2015 and my 1st photographic safari to begin to understand what is so special and unique about the country, its people and wildlife. My sister, Jacqui Lincoln on the other hand had already worked this out and I will be for ever grateful to her for introducing me to the Sabi Sands, photography in general but more specifically the leopards and lions of the Sabi-Sands.

I have since completed 3 photographic safaris and Jacqui has done many more. She also has an amazing ability to spot wild life in the Kruger whilst driving and we would love to share our passion with you. 

There is so much more to the experience than words can capture – the camaraderie, laughter and sheer fun of a group of people sharing an experience and learning to capture this experience photographically is inspiring. So we are trying to find a way of capturing this and sharing it with others and

"chics can click was born."   

Although, this is a new venture for Jacqui and myself, the wildlife photographer Dawie Jacobs, who will accompany us in the Sabi-Sands is an experienced game ranger and photographer - see his website for more information. Additionally, Elephant Plains is a well know destination for wildlife photographers and regularly hosts photographic safaris.  So you will be in good hands and if you have any questions please do get in touch and if you need any assistance in making your travel arrangements or if you would like to include other parts of South Africa to your trip we would be happy to advise and help where we can.

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