Welcome to the homepage of the

 Chico Strollers Car Club
re-established 1999 

Come meet your local Strollers!!

We meet every Saturday Night from from 6-8pm at

the parking lot across from Toys R Us in Chico.

You can also find us at Big Al's from 9-11pm

"Just who are the Chico Strollers?"

 The Chico Strollers car club was originally established as early as 1952 in Chico, CA.  By the mid 1960s, the original club was disbanded.  It was re-established in 1999 by the son of an original member.  The club is now open to pre-1975 American made cars, trucks, vans, etc, stock or modified.  Our members mainly live throughout Northern  California.  Chico, the club's home chapter, is located roughly 3 hours north of San Francisco, CA.  Through our cars, we try to keep the past alive.  As many young rodders of today, many of our members are fascinated with the music, clothing, and culture that go along with the era of cars many of us have.  We like to have fun and help each other out with our cars.  

The Mission Statement of the Chico Strollers

The mission of the Chico Strollers Car Club is to help its members restore and maintain their classic American vehicles to driving condition.  Members embrace the past traditions of American hot rod culture and strive to keep the hobby alive and well for future generations.