Study Spanish in Xela!

....And make a difference volunteering in a beautiful community that needs YOUR help!

The Chico Mendes Project is a Spanish school located in the town of Pachaj about 20 minutes outside of Xela. Chico Mendes is an environmental project and school that is 100% supported by dedicated locals and hard-working volunteers. The Spanish school offers home stays and classes that fit any length of stay. The teachers are trained and experienced. This is an opportunity to contribute to a grass roots local project, get your hands dirty and learn Spanish. Volunteering and home stays are available with or without language classes.

To make a reservation to study Spanish or volunteer with the Chico Mendes Project, call Armando at +502 5451-0755 (Spanish only), or email (English or Spanish)

By the way....WHO IS CHICO MENDES?

To make a donation to the Chico Mendes Project, please email:
ALL donations and proceeds from the Spanish school go directly to the Chico Mendes Project