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Roy Chicky Arad engages in art, prose, poetry, filmmaking and journalism. 



Chicky has published three books. In his first book, The Nigger, he formed a Hebrew adaptation of the Japanese “Haiku”, named “Kimo”. Rather than using the 5,7,5 syllabic orientation as in the “Haiku” verse, Chicky uses a 10,7,6 structure i.e. 10 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second, and 6 on the third (Kimo in Wikipedia). In 2004 he published "Paintings and poems 2000-2003" by Tal Esther Gallery, Shadurian and helped by "Rabinowich Fund"
Chicky’s poem
The owl which deals with the destruction of the Israeli urban city centre in favor of giant shopping malls, interlacing elements of ancient eastern Gods, was a part of beautiful artist Michal Helfman’s work in the Venice Art Biennale.
Editor of
"Maayan" (Spring of Water), a hebrew magazine for Poetry, literature, art and ideas, "a house for new art".

In 2007, Chicky was among the editors of Aduma (The Red), an anthology of socialist contemporary poetry that was published and became a big success. in January 2009, while the 7th day of the Gaza war, chicky was one of the editors of La-tzet (Go out), an anthology of poetry and art against the war. later, a part of the anthology was translated to Arabic and was published in Lebanon and Egypt.


As an artist, Chicky usually utilizes the “Paint” software, a basic program designated for the use of children. 
Chicky had three solo exhibitions. his 
first exhibition consisted of 30 old personal computers, presenting his works on screens. He considers the “Tal Esther” gallery in Tel-Aviv as his home gallery. 
With Rafram Hadad and Lance Hunter, Chicky helped to organize
"One Pink Rose" a Mega-Exhibition in Israeli military jail inside the cells of the conscientious objectors whom refuse to serve inside the occupied territories. Later, he co-curated many exhibition and exhibited in many group exhibitions in Israel and worldwide. 


In the year 2000, as a member of the pop-dance group “Pingpong”, Chicky participated in the Eurovision song contest, which is regarded with immense seriousness in Israel. As soon as the selection of the group to represent Israel was announced, a lot of criticism was drawn.
When on stage, in front of millions of viewers, the band members waved the national flags of both Israel and Syria, in order to present the natural longing for
peace with Israel’s northern neighbour. In addition, group members displayed hints of bisexual acts.
The performance aroused a big debate in Israel large-scale condemnation of the group, resulting in Chicky getting fired from a television spot he used to present, and an Israeli radio and television ban over the group’s songs.
The happenings of Chicky in the Eurovision song contest were portrayed in the moving documentary “
Happy Story
” (Dir. by Alon Weinstock, Channel 8).
In 2004 Chicky started to work with the American label
Comfort Stand. His first release was "Tourists, come to Israel, it's a nice country EP".
On 7th January 2005 Chicky released two different albums:
"Monster", in Comfortstand, together with the French musician Chenard Walcker. And "Sputnik in Love" in the dutch label "WMRecordings", the first album he produced himself. In July 2005 chicky released "I Vanunu" with Chenard Walcker (Freesamplezone, Paris) and in 2006 his fifth solo album, "Good Friends"  (Birdsong, Israel).

In 2009, the opening of chicky's song "Od Yom" entered RTL episode of "ich bin ein star - holt mich hier raus".

Roy Arad, 2006. Pic: Tamar Eisenberg



Roy Chicky Arad has written, along with Shaul Betzer, the script for the film Big Tuna. The film deals with a phenomenon unique to Israel – The massive success of the candid-camera movie genre in the 1970’s. This 50 minute long Mocumentary features a made-up candid-camera director, named Max Tuna Schreiber. The movie was broadcast on Channel 2, the main T.V channel in Israel and also in Contra Costa Festival, California, Barcelona film festival, Rio de Janeiro mockumentary festival, and Habait Haisraeli, Paris. Later he wrote the script for two tv series "Renault Pascal's world" and "Toffee and the Gorilla" in The Israeli comedy channel.
Chicky played in Joshua simon's movies
"The Radicals" and "City Hole" and in Billy Levy



Roy Arad is one of the presidents of the Free Academy which conducts lectures and poetry readings in surreal locations, such as McDonald’s branches and grocery stores, and publishes two magazines: "Maayan" and "Maarvon" (for cinema) and poetry books.
In 2001, during the peak of Intifadah, Chicky was amongst the founders of the
Rave Against Occupation assembly, which organized protest-parties of Arab and Israeli youth against the 1967 occupation.

With the poet Mati Shemoelof, Chicky founded in 2008 "Culture Guerrilla" that arranges demonstrations of poetry and music to help workers on strikes. 



Roy Chicky Arad was born in Beer-Sheva. Today he lives and creates in Tel-Aviv.