Reverend Chickie Haute has been the owner of the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network since July 27, 2009. She is a respected professional, psychic-intuitive and well-being coach with 30 years of continued education and business experience. 

Chickie Haute and her psychic team at the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network are best known for their ability to predict natural disasters. The largest domestic natural disasters predicted: 

Mineral, Virginia earthquake on August 23, 2011 that shook from the Carolinas to Canada on the East Coast of the United States. Following the quake, Hurricane Irene made landfall and caused $16.5 billion dollars in flooding damage. With the help of Chickie Haute and her psychic team, officials were prepared for the quake in Washington, DC and coastal evacuations were made. 

Chickie Haute’s most famous international prediction was the Russian Chelyabinsk meteor impact on February 15, 2013. The meteor is the largest natural object to have entered Earth’s atmosphere undetected since 1908. 

Chickie Haute has established herself as the “RockPsychic” catering internationally to successful professionals in the entertainment industry.

When Chickie is not busy with her psychic and coaching practice, she works with autistic adults and children as an advocate in the mental health industry. She is a key player on interdisciplinary teams.

In Chickie’s free time, she can be found participating and leading charitable and community events. Chickie has recently been interviewed on such news networks as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and Telemundo for her community and activist presence. 

Chickie Haute and the North American Psychic and Paranormal network team are currently working with international authorities and real life super heroes (RLSH).

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Chickie Haute's Current Positions:

Metaphysical Arts Consultant.
Master Psychic-Intuitive. 
Enlightenment Trainer.
Well-Being Coach.
Teacher / Mentor.
Public Speaker. 
Environmental Activist. 
Celebrity Entertainer. 
Animal Communicator.
Owner & Administrator of the Ask The Cat Pet Communication Program www.AskTheCat.net.
Owner & Administrator of the North American Psychic and Paranormal Network.

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