You, our enthusiastic and appreciative public, are hungry to know more of the talent that lies behind Chicken Scratch. Here is all that you long to know.

Josh Bukstein

Josh spends his days weaning at the teet of corporate America. He spends his nights as a referee for an illegal roller derby league in Riverside County, CA in 1977. So yes, he has a time machine, but you can't use it.

Dawn Corine

Dawn Corine first discovered comedy at an early age on Long Island. She found it funny that people really spoke with that hideous accent and has continued to imitate and emulate until present day. Having a reasonably uneventful childhood she chose to make fun of others and to find comedy in pratfalls. Her goal is to someday open a sanctuary for old pie tins that were once so revered as they slammed into the faces of unsuspecting recipients. Now they are all but forgotten but she is working on getting them a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jody Frandle

Jody was raised in Detroit during The Murder Capital days. She vows to get them a new title one day, something nicer, like Black Snow Capital or Rusty Car Capital. Jody is best friends with the Morton Salt Girl. She would also like to pet a tiny puppy, kitten or giraffe. Do you have one? 

 Caleb Hoffert

Caleb is mild-mannered, self-deprecating, humble and unerringly truthful.  He is also the best human being on the planet.

Jay Huston

Chicken Scratch Alumni

Lee Sanger Goldin

Lee Sanger Goldin is an annoyingly diverse creative outhole. He has performed everything from Shakespeare to standup, sketch to improv, musicals to modern drama. As a writer he has penned plays, screenplays, music, political commentary, short stories, documentaries, and dirty poetry. On the Internet, Lee maintains a presence as a blogger, YouTuber, and podcaster. His shoes always match his belt but he never answers his phone. 


Shawn first experienced the euphoria of the stage by playing the whimsical, patent-leathered, toy-trotting Santa Claus at Fashion Fair mall. Come spring he parlayed his newly minted method acting skills into a prime time radio slot where his on-air voices and characters blended seamlessly into a style best described as "loud". The tour de force ground to a halt when he was handed his walking papers for accidentally broadcasting 23 commercial-free minutes of a record skipping. Serendipity intervened during a bout of unemployment and his improv career has been careening ever since.