Mego Style Custom Figures

This page features custom made figures in the classic Mego style. Any comments/questions can be sent here:
                                                                      Krypto the Superdog

                 Spider-man animated figure autographed by Paul Soles (AKA Spidey)
12 INCH GALLERY        New!!!

2020  Added Tomb of Dracula to the Horror gallery. Added Ice to the Justice League gallery.

2018-19  Added Carol Danvers- Captain Marvel and She Hulk to the Marvel Heroes gallery. 
Neal Adams Joker to the Batman gallery.
Black Lightning and 14 inch Wonder Woman to the DC Heroes gallery.
John Wayne, SHAZAM, Green Hornet and Kato to the TV Heroes gallery.
Jack Kirby Captain America and Red Skull to the Cap gallery.
Hawkeye to the Avengers gallery.
Spitfire to the Invaders gallery. 
Morbius and Firestar to the Spiderman gallery.
Vincent Price and Michael Myers to the TV/Horror page.
Ocean Master and Metallo to the DC Villain gallery.
The Shield to the Alternate Heroes gallery.

07/28/17      Added new Retro Ironman, new Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel to the Avengers gallery, Mera to the Justice League gallery,  Spider-Woman, Venom and Spider-Woman black to the Spider-man family gallery, 70's Beast to the X-Men gallery, Flash/Green Lantern to the Justice League front page, Black Goliath and Grey Gargoyle to the Marvel Heroes and Villains gallery, Black Cat, Nightveil and Vanity to the alternate heroes gallery.

golden gl
07/01/16      Added new Retro Ironman to the Avengers gallery, Super Skrull to the Fantastic Four gallery, new Wonderman to the Avengers gallery,  Golden Age Captain America/Invaders to Invaders gallery, Blackhawk and Adam Strange to the DC page and Deathstroke to the DC/Villains gallery.

05/14/16      Added Batman to the 12 inch Gallery, Yvonne Craig Batgirl to Batman/TV gallery and the Crime Syndicate of America to the DC/Heroes-Villains gallery.

02/07/16      Added Robin 60's to the Batman Family page. Original Kid Flash to the DC/Flash gallery and Jor EL and Lara to the Superman Family page. 

11/23/15      Added Golden Age Captain America, new Falcon and Bucky to the Cap Family page.

10/16/15      Added Infantino Batman, Batman in blue and Batman in black to the Batman Family page. Added Ultraman to the TV page. Added updated 1966 Joker to the TV/Batman 66 page.

3/25/15      Added Powerman, Bullseye and Whiplash to the Marvel heroes and villains page. Added a new version of Two Face to the Batman Family page. Updated Ghost Rider to the Marvel heroes and villains page and a new version of DR Strange to his page.
8/11/14     Added Animated 10 inch Batman, Aquaman, Thor and DR Strange to the 12 inch gallery. Added MR Terrific to the Justice Society page. Updated Quicksilver to the Avengers page. Added Red Hulk to the  Marvel heroes and villains page. 
  1/24/14      Added Animated style Scarecrow to the Batman Family page. Added swivel arm SHAZAM to the Marvel Family page. Added a new version of Metamorpho the  JLA page. 
  9/01/13      Added Madame Web and Beetle to the Spiderman Family page. Added Human Fly and Brother Voodoo to the Marvel heroes gallery and furry Beast to the X-Men gallery.
                                Updated new versions of Scarlet Witch, DR Strange, Moonknight and Daredevil to the Marvel gallery(s).
                              Added Golden Age Wonder Woman on a Zica body to the JSA gallery, Wondergirl to the Teen Titans page and Black Vulcan to the JLA page.
  6/20/13      Added Ra's Al Ghul and a new Manbat to the Batman Family page. Added Thor to  the Avengers page. Added ISIS and Green Hornet to the TV page. 
  5/10/13      Added Silver Age Green Arrow to the Justice League page. Added Vina and Cyrano Jones to the TV/Star Trek  page. 
    4/05/13      Added a Wonder Man 60's and 70's versions to the Avengers page. Added Deadpool to the X-Men page. 
  3/05/13      Added a new version of Medusa to the Marvel  Heroes page. 
 1/22/13      Added Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman to the TV Heroes page. 
12/29/12     Added Bane to the Batman  page.  Added a Supernatural page with Deadman.
12/12/12     Added Rogue and Juggernaut to the X-Men page.  
11/11/12     Added Ultron to the Avengers page. Added Batman 1966 link to the Batman Family page.
10/15/12     Added Captain Spaulding to the TV/Horror page.
9/24/12       Added Golden Age Superman  to Superman Family. Added a new version of Wasp  to the Avengers page. 
8/26/12        Added  ALTERNATE HEROES gallery with Nexus and Samaratin.  Added White Lantern Sinestro to GL Corps. Added Phantom Stranger to the JLA page. Updated new versions of Nightwing, Flash, Nightcrawler,  Hobgoblin and Antman to their respecrive galleries. Added link to the 12 inch gallery.
4/16/12        Added  Thing in 8 inch scale  to the Marvel - Fantastic Four gallery. Added Catwoman Julie Newmar and Ceasar Romero Joker to the TV Batman page. Added Tundarr the Barbarian to the TV page. Added Mary Jane Watson to the Spider-man page
1/15/12        Added a Attuma to the Marvel gallery. Added a new version of Poison Ivy to the Batman  gallery.
12/08/11        Added  Prowler and Jackal to the Spider-man gallery. Added Black Bolt and War Machine to the Marvel Heroes gallery.
11/08/11        Added a new version of Batwoman to the Batman Family gallery. Revisited some JSA members in the JSA gallery with a new pic of Flash, Hawkman, DR Midnite, Hourman and Starman. Added a new version of Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy.
10/11/11       Added Sir Graves Ghastly to the TV gallery. Added a new Metallo to the Superman Family gallery and Giantman to the Avengers gallery.
9/05/11       Added Thanos to the Marvel page and  updated Rhino on the Spiderman Family page. Added larger Hulk to the Avengers page.  Added Green Lantern Kilowog to the GL's, updated Grundy on the villains page.
8/11/11     Added Captain Universe to the Marvel page and  Hammerhead to the Spiderman Family section.
6/18/11     Upgraded a new Star Sapphire custom to the DC villains page and  a new GA Batman  to the Batman family/Batman section.
12/18/10     Uploaded a new Mummy to TV/Monsters and Modern Batwoman to the DC/Batman family page.
11/06/10     Uploaded some old 9 inch customs in a new gallery.
10/01/10     Added Phantom of the Opera to the Monster page and the Leader to the Marvel Heroes/Villains page. 
9/01/10     Added Loki to the Marvel page. New versions of Hawkeye to the Avengers gallery, Valkyrie to the Defenders gallery and Huntress to the Batman gallery. Wolverine in his brown uniform to the X-Men section
5/11/10 Added New Gods page with MR Miracle, Lightray, Darkseid and Granny Goodness. New versions of Black Panther, DR Fate to their group pages.  8 inch Wonder Girl to the Titans page. Green shirt Kirk to the Star Trek Page, Zatanna to the JLA page, Saturn Girl to the Legion page,  Minstrel to the 1966 Batman page and Guy Gardner to the Green Lantern Corps page. Fixed Wonderman link on the Avengers page.
10/2/09 Added new  Batgirl and Robin to the Bat-Family page. Added Doomsday to Superman page.
7/24/09 Added 7 inch Supergirl in Superman Family and Teen Titans, Kingdom Come Superman (below), Wonderman to the Avengers page, 7 inch Golden Age Batgirl to Batman Family, Captain Atom to the DC Heroes page, She Thing to the Fantastic Four page and Lokai of Dheron to the Star Trek page.
6/11/09 Updated Teen Titans Robin, Green Lantern and Red Tornado pics. Added Aquaman Family pic to JLA Aqua page, 70's Diana Prince to JLA Womder Woman page, 70's Manhunter to DC Heroes, Enchantress to DC Villains, Quantum Queen and Psyche to the Legion page, Nurse Chapel, Bele and Mirror Spock to the Star Trek page and Laurie Strode:Halloween to the Monsters/Horror page.
4/22/09  Udated Chronos, Ocean Master & Earth 2 Robin pictures. Added Metamorpho to the Justice League page.  Added Elektra, Champions, Ghost Rider and Hercules pages to the Marvel section. Added Vina, Yeoman(s) and McCoy in his Medical tunic to the Star Trek page under the TV section.
1/24/09 Added Star Trek, Batman and Horror galleries. Added Joker and Penguin to the Batman gallery. 
New additions since the old site include: Huntress (modern), Liberty Belle, Black Manta, G.A. Batgirl, Krypto, Brainiac, Two Face, Poison Ivy, DR Light, Jade, Catwoman animated, Catwoman (Balent era), Bizarro, Cosmic Boy, Iron Fist, Nighthawk, Colossus,  Galactus, King Pin, Tarantula, Dark Phoenix, Polaris, Firestar, Speed Racer, Racer X and Greatest American Hero.