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Youtube Cooking Videos

youtube cooking videos
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youtube cooking videos - Cooking Mama
Cooking Mama World Kitchen
Cooking Mama World Kitchen
In this version of Mama's kitchen, kids can learn to make 50 all new recipes, including potato salad, California rolls, parfait, shrimp au gratin, fruit jello and many more! Compete in cook-offs with friends and earn gold, silver or bronze medals from Mama for your cooking. Wii, Majesco, RP.

Mama's back and she's still cookin' with her next installment, Cooking Mama World Kitchen. Video game publisher Majesco brings a lot more to the table with this sequel for the Wii, including all new 3D graphics, new recipes, comedic kitchen mini-games, new gameplay modes and a whole lot more.

Mama returns to the Wii with the sequel, Cooking Mama World Kitchen. View larger.

Games include "Cook with Mama," and the new game modes "Let's Cook" and "Cooking Contest." View larger.

Hilarious mini-games add a surprise, comedic element to the game. View larger.

50 all new recipes include parfait, French fries, and more. View larger.
Intuitive Cooking Movements and Improved Graphics
With the Wii remote as your universal cooking utensil, you'll be placed in total control of the cooking action as you chop, grate, slice, stir, roll, and much more. Hold and point the remote in many different ways (depending on the task) to get the real sensation of cooking in the kitchen. You'll need to be quick on your feet and precise in your movements, otherwise the meal might be ruined!
Looking better than ever with all new 3D graphics, Mama and her friends are ready to tackle 50 all new recipes. The delicious, new dishes include parfait, French fries/onion rings, Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies, ratatouille, pancakes, boiled flounder, and loads of other tasty creations. The updated gameplay mechanics integrate the Wii Remote utensil play with additional rhythmic movements that makes cooking easier and more enjoyable.
Kitchen Game Modes are Loads of Fun
Cooking Mama World Kitchen has three gameplay modes: Cook with Mama, and the new additions, Let's Cook and Cooking Contest. If you've cooked with Mama before you'll remember the first game mode where you learn the kitchen basics under Mama's watchful eye. Do well and you'll earn gold, silver and bronze medals based on your culinary skills. When you play the new game mode, Let's Cook, you'll share your prepared meals with Mama's finicky friends who will judge the quality of your cooking. And with Cooking Contest you can team up with a real or in-game friend to prepare ingredients in the new cooperative play mode.
Hilarity and Surprises Abound
Interlaced in the gameplay are a host of new kitchen surprises that take shape as comedic mini-games. For example, you might flip a burger up in the air and Mama's dog will run by and snatch it away, or toss a pancake and then control Mama as she runs in to save it with her hilarious apron catch.
Another cool feature allows you to take a snapshot of these funny moments so you can review them after gameplay, or you can choose to replay kitchen mini-games in their entirety. Cooking Mama World Kitchen uses real-time effects that make you feel like you're actually cooking. You can adjust your timing and make decisions about your next course of action based on what you see happening on the screen -- if food is starting to look burned, you can make a snap decision and remove it quickly from the burner. The intuitive gameplay, 3D graphics, new game modes, and hilarious mini-games work together to create a fun, interactive game.

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Clip from Peter's "Geriatric1927 Cooking Video".
Clip from Peter's "Geriatric1927 Cooking Video".
Response to Cookalong the geriatric way..FAO Features, Naomi McMullen, this was a response video to Gordon Ramsey, Gordon's original video received some 15,000 views, Peter's response, over a million. Take that Gordo! :P (C) Peter Oakley for, all rights reserved, used by permission.
LapoLab Youtube Video Channel
LapoLab Youtube Video Channel
Heya all !!! Better than a Twitter account! Please visit our brand new Youtube Channel and enjoy what are they cooking up at the Secret Lapo Laboratories in HD *video. Hope you like ;) *Please don't mind I used this account to host few videos from a friend...

youtube cooking videos
youtube cooking videos
Sesame Street: Elmo's Magic Cookbook
Studio: Genius Products Inc Release Date: 08/03/2004 Run time: 50 minutes Rating: Nr

The irrepressible little red star of Sesame Street sizzles in Elmo's Magic Cookbook, but he's not the only celebrity to wave a wooden spoon here. It all begins when the tummy-rumble-inducing book the tape takes its title from is dusted off from its attic-dwelling days. First, it "alakazams" Jean, the ingredient-providing Julia Child of genies, onto Sesame Street for a primer on churning out a champion batch of ice cream (and one that, in one of a number of characteristically superb running gags, nearly causes Telly to collapse from arm fatigue), and then bam!--everybody's favorite Crescent City culinary whiz comes by to create the perfect pizza with the gang. Chef Emeril Legasse does one better than sprinkle the parmesan and pile on the pepperoni with expected panache--he also peels away the mystery of where cheese comes from. When Legasse leaves on a minestrone emergency, another apron-ready star steps in. This time it's singer Heather Headly, here known as Pocket Queen. Elmo, no dummy, is at first resistant to the queen's suggestion that together they cook up some pockets. When she takes him on a video tour of pocket-eating cultures, however (think China's dim sum), he warms to the idea, and what results is a scrumptious-looking summer roll. Each of the video's cooking segments is intercut with food-related bits from the show--Grover's hilarious gig as a hopeless waiter is one. In addition to a handful of recipes ripe for kid collaboration, this tape serves up customary Sesame-style excellence. No future foodie's video shelf should be without it. --Tammy La Gorce

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