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Play Real Cooking Games

play real cooking games
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Day 183 - Tasty
Day 183 - Tasty
Meh. What little time I found for photography today went into post processing shots from the shoot last night. Most of my time was spent in real life: cooking up a nice dinner after work for friends, sharing in the excellent (and bizarre) "Epitaph One" episode of Dollhouse, and playing a few games of Pandemic. This is a super quicky of the mousse I made for dessert. It shows.
Boy Cave
Boy Cave
We bought a new television right before Christmas and took the old one that has a small burn in the screen and put it in the front room for Boyscout to play X-box games. it's become his personal 'Man Cave' - and though there is plenty of fru-fru stuff, he's really made it all boy gear. 4/365

play real cooking games
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