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fun girl cooking games online
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  • (The Fun Girls) The Fun Girls (Skippy and Daphne) were fictional recurring characters on the 1960s American television sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show.
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The past few weeks I've been too busy to do anything in / around my home because I launched a major product at work. It was satisfying and a wonderful release, but I found myself today looking around our apartment, gazing at things and wondering where on Earth to begin. The past 9 months I've wanted to carve out a more solid definition of home - I think in part because I moved in with my boyfriend, who is a marvelous human being, but it was still a HUGE adjustment to go from living by myself for 6 years to living with him and another guy - his roommate, now our roommate (who is also, by the way, a marvelous human being - and an utterly fantastic cook). I also wanted to settle into a more solid understanding of self and how to present that self, and that's been hard. I think in part because I'm bombarded with images daily and I was getting catalogues from places like Ann Taylor Loft, Anthropologie, REI, J.Crew - more images to digest, more things to flip through and try to figure out if any of it was "me". And it wasn't. (Instead, I went online to independent artists, and I've had extraordinary results with purchasing a handful of pieces from talents like Lisa of Le Bouton, Martha from Uniform Studio, and Becky from Tortilla Girl.) Add to that the fact that I'll be 30 this month and am ready to present myself not as a business woman in the traditional sense - blazers, heels, suit pants - but as a creative, independent-thinking, strong woman who is fun and engaging, without looking like a teenager. I want to be taken seriously without looking too serious. Sometimes it's a hard thing to figure out. I know it sounds weird to some people, putting a bunch of stock into a physical appearance. But I think visually, and simply, and my appearance wasn't reflecting how I felt inside - the me I wanted to be or even felt capable of being, expressing. So I've been slowly taking steps to remedy that. I've done quite a bit of culling, and I'm still not done - I have a few more bags of things to give away or freecycle or sell in the coming few weeks. But it's been a wonderful release to clear out, gently, and slowly, things that don't belong around me. Scarves, sweaters, tops, old diaries, shoes, bags, purses. I didn't think I owned a lot but it was starting to add up. I went through my scarves today and realized I had 15. I do not need 15 scarves. Off they go, to friends who will love them far more than I did. In the spirit of de-cluttering and whittling things down to the truth of me, I'm going to be posting some things on Flickr that I want to give away. I don't want money for them, I just want them to find new homes because I think they're striking and useful and beautiful. The sweater and vintage / antique compact above are two of those things. I have two ladies in mind who I know would love them, and I'm going to ask them, first. But after that, they'd be fair game. In the spirit of spring renewal, I feel encouraged by taking a good look around me and stripping away the chaff that does not need to be in my life, in my home, in my surroundings. Self-identity and -expression is an ongoing process, but I feel like finally, I'm finding my path.
Fun Shibuya Girls
Fun Shibuya Girls
Met these three fun Japanese girls in front of Shibuya 109 in Tokyo. Shibuya hair and makeup doesn't get much more awesome than this.

fun girl cooking games online
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