Chicken N Dumplings Recipe - Breaded Chicken Tender Recipe.

Chicken N Dumplings Recipe

chicken n dumplings recipe
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Home Cookin'
Home Cookin'
025/365, 20 November 2009 Tried tackling an item on my Culinary Bucket List (you know, things you want to make in your lifetime, for cooking nerds?) and... made something. It wasn't quite chicken 'n' dumplings like I was hoping for, in its traditional sense, but it was still good. Ah, well, it'll be better next time, with a new recipe.
IMG 5411
IMG 5411
I was craving a taste of home, so I concocted a vegan version of chicken 'n dumplings. I used TVP chunks for the chicken and a biscuit recipe for the dumplings. Added some escarole from our veggie box to make it a little greener.

chicken n dumplings recipe
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