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Our Big News

posted Oct 15, 2009, 8:02 AM by Duane Campbell   [ updated Jul 14, 2016, 5:57 PM ]

It is over. We Won !

  At 2:45 PM ton July 14, 2016,  the California State Board of Education unanimously endorsed a new History /Social Science Framework for California’s public schools that includes a substantial addition of Chicano/Latino history, improved history of LGBT people, and improvements in several other histories.

This completes a 6 year effort against substantial opposition  to revise this Framework.  As a result textbooks in California in 2017 will be the most inclusive ever required, and all students will be taught an inclusive history.

More details at


The Mexican American Digital History Project has  been working for over a year to add Chicano history to the California History/Social Science Framework, the document that determines what goes into textbooks in California.

For details see here.

 We are pleased to inform you that the Quality Instructional Materials Commission of the California State Board of Education have posted their proposed revised framework and it includes most of what we wanted. 

It is here.

Mexican American/ Chicano history is currently substantially absent from public school textbooks and curriculum in California- and it has been since 1986.  Latino student political non participation and alienation from school is significantly caused by Latino absence from the K-12 textbooks and curriculum.

On behalf of the Mexican American Digital History project, we  ask that you  write a letter to the review committee for the revision of the History/Social Science framework.  Now is a good time to get this done (a guide to writing such a letter is here

For 2015 we have added a new piece by history professor Rodolfo Acuña on Dying Communities, Forgotten Memories.  This essay describes well part of the motivation of establishing this history archives. We seek to contribute to the preservation of history as a part of preserving our community. See this essay in the section Out of Region posts. 
Also, see the new post by Jimmy Franco on the controversy over Fr. Junipero Serra. The piece is
Fr. Junipero Serra; Saint or Just a European Colonialist ?  See this post in Out of Regions posts.