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Royal Chicano Air Force

Jose MontoyaThe Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) is an artistic collective based in Sacramento, California. Initially named the Rebel Chicano Art Front, the RCAF was founded in 1969 to express the goals of the Chicano civil rights and labor organizing movement of the United Farm Workers. Its mission was to make available to the Chicano community a bilingual/bicultural arts center where artists could come together, exchange ideas, provide mutual support, and make available to the public artistic, cultural, and educational programs and events. 

Among the artists in the RCAF were Ricardo Favela, Armando Cid, Jose Montoya, Rudy Cuellar, Juanishi Orosco,  Estaban Villa and others. 

They used poster art to promote Chicano issues and causes, particularly the United Farmworkers. Favela

passed away on July 15, 2007. Montoya, Villa, and Favela each taught art at CSU-Sacramento. 

 and  a short video at:

See also. The Royal Chicano Air Force Archives, 1973-1988. California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives. Department of
Special Collections.
Donald C. Davidson Library. University of California, Santa Barbara. CA.93106.

Juan R. Cervantes

De COLORES (above) is a graphic depiction of the connection between our heritage

And the “Movimiento,” which the Royal Chicano Air Force was very much

a part of. It is also a statement about the particular attention we must pay

to our “tomorrow” represented by the children of the members of the RCAF.

RCAF Participants. From the lecture, "Flying Under the Radar with the RCAF". Ella Diaz. Ph.D., on April 27,2013. See poster above.