Windows 95 codename Chicago Screenshots Gallery
Windows 95 was one of the first versions of Windows to feature Microsoft's current GUI, Explorer.

It was a success from day 1, since it was a huge step in the development of their Operating System.

Here is a picture of the new desktop, one of the most well-known desktops to any computer user!

During beta it was codenamed Chicago. The Final Build should be Windows 4.00.950.   

Pre-Chicago Release Version:  

Usability Test Release Version:

Preliminary Release Version:


Chicago Build 40 (To be confirmed Version)


Chicago Build 73g

Chicago Build 78 (To be confirmed Version)

Chicago Build 81

Beta Version:

Chicago Build 122 Beta 1

Test Release/Beta Release/Final Beta Release/
Release Candidate Version:

Chicago Build 314 Test Release

Chicago Build 324 English German 

Chicago Build 331

Chicago Build 337 Final Beta Release

Chicago Build 345 

Chicago Build 347 English Spanish German French Italian

Chicago Build 429

Chicago Build 431

Chicago Build 435 English Chinese Final Beta Release/Chinese Beta 2

Chicago Build 440 April Test Release

Chicago Build 445

Chicago Build 450 English Danish Finnish Norwegian

Chicago Build 456

Chicago Build 462 English Dutch Spanish French German Italian Swedish

Chicago Build 468 May Test Release

Chicago Build 474

Chicago Build 481 June Test Release

Chicago Build 484

Chicago Build 490 English French Spanish Brazilian German Italian

Chicago Build 499 German

Chicago Build 501

Chicago Build 502

Chicago Build 708 Chinese Beta Release



Pre-Release To Manufacturing/Release To Manufacturing Version:

Chicago Build 950r-2 Pre-Release To Manufacturing

Chicago Build 950r-3 Pre-Release To Manufacturing

Chicago Build 950r-7 English Hebrew Release To Manufacturing

Windows 95 OEM Service Release Beta Version:

Regarding Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 (codename: Detroit) [Build 4.00.1111], a new version of Windows 95 released at the end of 1996. It is also called Windows 95B. OSR 2 provides a number of new features and bug fixes. The most important new feature is FAT32, a new version of the file allocation table. FAT32 supports disk drives up to 2 terabytes and yields better storage efficiency due to smaller clusters. 

Two smaller updates to the second were released in the form of a USB Supplement (OSR 2.1, also called Windows 95B [Build 4.03.1212]) and the Windows Desktop Update (OSR 2.5, called Windows 95C [Build 4.03.1214]). Both were available as stand-alone updates and as updated disc images shipped by OEMs. OSR 2.5 was notable for featuring a number of changes to the Windows Explorer, integrating it with Internet Explorer 4.0—this version of the Explorer looks very similar to the one featured in Windows 98. 

Detroit Build 1094 OSR2 Release Candidate 1

Memphis Build 1132 OSR2.1 Beta 2

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Some descriptions are introduced by BETAArchive Wiki.
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