Chicago Branch

Shorinji Kempo is moving Zen.  Because a mind at peace can move with the body confidently, we seek to help ourselves and others via a calm mind and body.  To train this balance of mind and body, we practice relaxing amidst attacks and finding forces that will cooperate with us.  

To master skillful awareness in conflict, we practice hard and soft techniques, master pressure points, spar, study philosophy, apply basic healing to one another, and hone choreographed confrontations called embu. 

We teach concrete ways to recognize and attain Shorinji Kempo's basic spirit: Never to give up on ourselves.  Beginners learn how to face others, how to breathe, to voice their spirit, to move, to defend themselves from a few basic grabs and strikes, and – in a fall to the hard floor – how to land and stand up unhurt. By maturing and becoming skillful, we overcome our fears. 
Training takes place 3 times a week in Chicago at Belmont and Sheffield, on the 2nd floor of the Japanese Culture Center.  Please stop by to watch, or to try out to see if Shorinji Kempo is what you are looking for.  The multi level group works with anyone older than 12 of any size and physical conditioning.

Contact us at 773-983-4312 / for more information.

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