Risk Global Domination in Chicago


Join in the fun as we play the classic board game of Risk.

We welcome beginners and experts alike.    We currently have players from 10 - 52 years of age.

Games are held the 2nd Saturday of every month at 6:30 pm.

                       The Salvation Army

                       4056 N Pulaski

Babysitting is available at a nominal charge with prior notice.

For more information including directions, send an email to



If you are not familiar with Risk, here is a Wikipedia article to give you some basics 


and some FAQs



Here are links regarding other opportunities to play Risk:

         Risk Tournament of Champions in PA.   

                   Next date is October 2007       http://www.risktoc.org

         WOLFPAK held in Chicago, IL.     

                   Next date is November 24-25, 2006   http://www.wolfpackgamers.org/wolfconsch.asp

         CODCON held in Glen Ellyn, IL.   

                   Next date is April 13-15, 2007   http://www.codcon.com/    

         Going to Australia anytime soon???         http://www.risknerds.com

         Cleveland tournament planned for April 2007    http://clevelandrisk.com

         Glendale Heights, IL group meets weekly         http://www.geocities.com/riskfederation



The Chicago events are not sponsored by The Salvation Army but they are our gracious host.