Tutor Conference 2011

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is set for Friday, March 4 here at the Lit Center.

Conference Overview

The 2011 Peer Tutor Conference will be an opportunity for tutors from across the region and across the country to come together to share with each other their best practices, team building exercises, and experiences. The conference is also designed for college and university tutors to come share what it is like to be a tutor in the post-secondary context and to recruit high school tutors to their institutions. It will be a day of sharing and learning.

The Call for Tutor Presentations

Our theme for this tutor conference is Coming Together: Unlocking our potential as tutors.

As we have all come to learn, in order to become better peer tutors, we need to practice our tutoring as often as we can. We have also learned that in order to create a center that thrives, we need to create a team of tutors who makes our spaces inviting and exciting.

For high school tutors, this conference gives you the opportunity to collaborate with your peers from across the Chicagoland area who tutor in many different settings. You will get to share what you have learned as a peer tutor and to learn from your peers about their experiences with tutoring and team building.

For college and university tutors, this will be a unique opportunity for you to encourage young people to continue to be educational advocates and to promote your institutions of higher learning.

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