IWCA Gathering@NCTE: Revising the Present


The registration for the IWCA Gathering@NCTE is now open! The fee for the all-day workshop is $125 and includes both breakfast and lunch, as well as presentation supplies, Internet access, and snacks & beverages!

Click on the link below, fill out the form, print the form, and mail it with a check to the address provided.

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This year, to celebrate its 100th anniversary, NCTE is embracing the theme “Reading the Past, Writing the Future.” IWCA would like to take this opportunity to gather its members for a one-day workshop, hosted by COWLLC, on November 17, 2011, where we will consider “Revising the Present.”

To inspire participants in re-visionary thinking, we will gather at a unique venue. A renovated meatpacking plant, the Catalyst Ranch is a dynamic and funky space where modern meeting necessities meet your mom’s glorious ‘70s kitchen! Check out their website ( and take a walking tour and be inspired to think differently about working with your peers! From possible kitchen table conversations about 21st Century missions to round-hammock workshops on re-imagining use of space, this venue will allow us to come together to deeply and thoroughly consider the notions of revision through conversations, workshops, presentations, panel discussions, or possibly some new format we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

More specifically, at this year’s IWCA Gathering@NCTE, we invite center directors and tutors to consider the idea of REVISION[1] in terms of how we best assess, evaluate, maintain, educate, pose, posture, position, and possibly re-create ourselves in order to fulfill our missions on a daily, weekly, and annual basis. How do we keep our centers alive and active? How do we make sure that our centers challenge the status quo? How do we embrace the power or avoid the stigma of “other?” How do we help our tutors to feel like they reside in a unique place in the universe while granting them access to the rich and colorful history that is their legacy? How do we revise our present work so that we meet the needs of tomorrow? How do we reach out to our educational community to share our wealth of pedagogical knowledge? How do we envision our centers as places of educational inspiration?

Please contact the chair, Andrew Jeter (, if you have questions or concerns about this conference.

[1] Revision is about looking at something that exists while imagining what is yet to be. It requires looking back at what we have already done and looking forward at what we still need or want to do. To revise means to understand the smallest element of our work and the global picture of how our work fits within the rest of the world. When we revise, we work towards understanding our own processes, how they came to be and where they are leading us. Revision details the daily work of tutors with students and of directors who must make their centers' work meaningful.