The Chicagoland Organization of Writing, Literacy, and Learning Centers (COWLLC) is a micro-regional organization for schools interested in promoting literacy through peer tutoring that nurtures learning and a love of learning. COWLLC also seeks to bring together professionals and tutors from across the Chicagoland area. At present, the organization represents an estimated 40 schools, 1,200 tutors, and 100 professionals.


Elections are coming! Members will be voting on the people for the positions of President and Treasurer within the next few weeks. Keep checking in for more details. Do you want to run? If you would like to put your hat in the ring, email Andrew Jeter. If you haven't officially joined COWLLC, click on the "Join COWLLC" button on the left!

Are you on the map? Check out this national map of high school literacy centers! If you're not on it, just send us a note!

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