unused, as I(mike.bobak)live in SF now.  


I'm getting more interested in some uses of Lisp rather than Lisp itself

So I'd rather spend time promoting this w/o physical-boundray

I'll do some of this at: http://sites.google.com/site/lisp4aisci/


08update: http://www.cliki.net/LispChicago  

I wish I would of met these guys while I was still in town.

Another yr&still no content on their site&they still aren't interested in any of this. 

presently occasionally co-located w/the iit g-LUG<-up to date link


We should of taken this advice.


May07: www.chicagolisp.org gets some content

So I might stop updating this page soon.

btw. it's content is fake, but a start.

Sep07:generalized to tekniks.org

which still has no content.

June-Update: programmer's coffee, might be the way to finally chat about Lisp locally.

Sept07update, Looks like the group is officially down the tubes;No leader&I've moved.


This is so unused, that I almost gave it up to make a new googlepages, but found that I could make one on sites.

What Happened!?

They(chicaogo-lug/lisp.org) have " experienced a significant hardware failure on our main server. The result is that we're going to have to perform data recovery and acquire a new machine before our services are restored. They expect full recovery of all data and services.

Update! They have acquired a brand new Dell PowerEdge server, complete with a 3 GHz Xeon, 2GB memory and harware raid. We're also preparing for a move into a more suitable datacenter (hosted colo free of charge), and we expect the server to be up and running again by the end of January.
Thanks so much for your patience.

The Chicago GNU/Linux Users Group


=>I made this page, as we don't have to worry about it going down,

and (it is free).

----------my update:moving to SF

It looks like the LUG has some Lisp interest, but I could go out for a drink &see more people who actually pursue Lisp.

I'm open to discussion, So

you are free to write me on the topic. [&on AI /KnRepr /reasoning KnBased-Systems /Science Apps.v..]

Meeting Details

Next LUG (won't feature any Lis) Location: standard one

[Friday programmer's coffee's might be a better meet up?
join this list to get locations. ]

From now on I only announce/archive the Lisp content
The meeting March 24, 2007 featured(some Lisp):
Writing Embedded Lisp Systems (John Quigley)

No edits since the move from googlepages, SF&Boston still have better groups..

Hopefully more soon w/some Lisp content

If you can volunteer, your help would be welcome.


ALU, Gardeners
Blogs: planet,_lemonodor,.

. Check-out the job listings here
search(CLcodesplreackd) start ;