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Log Basics

These instructions will help you get started filling out your prestige log.  If you have further questions please look at the Prestige Questions page, or visit the Prestige Wiki.  If you need a Prestige Log, you can get one right here!

First, you want to make sure the header is correct. Make sure that your Coordinator information is correct, that you have yourself listed in the Great Lakes (GL) Region, and your Domain Code is IL-013-D.  Here's an example:

Now it's time to fill out your log!   When you fill in your log you need to pretend that someone you don't know and has never been in this Domain/Region is reviewing your log.   This not only will help you remember to be thorough in your details, but it's quite likely that someone you've never met and has never been in this Domain/Region will be auditing your log.

Let's say that in the latest report, you were given the following prestige awards:

Administration (80 max): 20G
       10/2013, aVST Requiem, 20G

Social/Non-Game Support (50 max): 45G
       10/12/2013, Munchies Donations, 15G
                        2 twelve-pack cans of cola
                        1 10-lb bag of ice
      10/14/2013, Volunteered 3 Hours at One Brick event, 30G

You enter your prestige in your log in the same way it's listed in the report.  Awards are first grouped by month.  In this case they are grouped together under October.  Then they are entered into your log alphabetically by category.  Then each entry in each category is listed chronologically.  If you enter these awards into your log they would look like this: 

Take note of a few things: 
  • You do not delete or enter anything into the yellow line that says "Previous National Review".
  • All prestige awards given to you by the Domain Coordinator are general (G) prestige and should be entered in the "G" column.
  • When possible, you should enter the exact date that you performed a task/donated items (the only exception is ordeals, and the date you list for your ordeals is the date you passed the ordeal, not the date you completed the ordeal.  The date will auto-format to Month-YY, but you should still enter the exact date because it can be seen in the formula bar:

If the coordinator lists a specific date for an award, then that's the date you should enter in your log. 

Once the prestige awards are entered in the Date, Description, Category and Awarded Columns, you can then fill out the Notes section.  In this example, the notes section would look like this: 

The notes show the date and subject line of the report the award was listed in and gives details about what you did or what you donated.  Other details, like a link to a web address where a report is located, or a link to a prestige award for an Ordeal would be placed here too.  It's better to have more details for the person auditing your log than not enough.

When it's time to move on to a new month, be sure to leave a blank row.  This makes it easier to audit your log.   

These instructions should get you started.  Please contact Lee if you have any questions: