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Character Sheets:

All-Character Sheet for New World Venues:  Here
This sheet contains the all of the supernatural templates from the Accord, Awakening, Forsaken, Lost, and Requiem venues and is constantly updated to reflect the MES addenda in its calculations.  To select the venue and template, use the drop-down menus within the large Character Information box, which is directly underneath the Player Information box.  All of the options specific to each template will hide or reveal themselves from there.

Masquerade Character Sheets: Here
This page contains links to several Masquerade character sheets in different formats (ods, xls, xlsx).  These sheets are in the second section of sheets - please ignore the rest, as all of them are covered in the All-Character Sheet above.  Also, these sheets do not integrate the MC rewards, so you'll have to enter them by hand and justify them thusly in the XP log.

Apocalypse Character Sheets: I am currently seeking downloadable, modifiable character sheets in the vein of the previous two entries.  If you find any, please email links to me at


A tutorial about how to create and maintain prestige logs is here.
To report passing standards or actions at game or for charities, go here.

Prestige Log FAQs:

How do I format my prestige log?
There is an excellent tutorial on the Cam wiki found here:

Prestige is a system for tracking service to the club and contributions to outside charitable efforts by members on behalf of the club. 

Earning prestige raises your Membership Class level, also known as MC.  With higher MC comes the ability to create characters with more experience points (XP), and gain access to milestone awards.

It is a record of all the prestige you earned during your membership. 

Yes! Members are responsible for maintaining their own record of prestige earned over the course of their membership.

How do I earn prestige?
Prestige points are earned through a variety of activities. A description of these activities is located in the Membership Handbook in the "Prestige" section.

In the Chicago Domain, you should fill out the Prestigeworthy Actions Form sent to D-Chicago every month.  On that form you should be as specific as possible. Information should include (but is not limited to):
  • Your name and Cam number
  • Date the action was performed
  • What the action was 
  • If it is a charity related action or donation, which charity it was for

Remember: if your prestige isn’t reported, it doesn’t exist.

Coordinators are the only ones who can grant prestige.  In order for them to do that you have to tell them what you’ve done.  Then they fill out their monthly report and list the things you’ve done with a prestige award.  So while you can fill out the date, description, and category of your prestigeworthy actions,  you should fill out the award after it’s been reported. 

If you are listing your entries first by category then chronologically, you will be able to see if you have gone over your cap for the month.
If you have gone over your cap, then you should zero out the prestige total in the “Usable Prestige” column.  That way if you lose any of the other entries in an audit then you have a backup.  It will also make auditing your log very easy.

If the awarding coordinator gives specific instructions, such as “put into the ‘recommended for regional/national prestige’ section of your report”, then I will do that. The award itself will be made by the RC or NC.  Otherwise the DC must wait (just like you!) to see the award, and will update your totals in the report.

Please include it on the Prestigeworthy Actions Form sent to D-Chicago every month.  The DC can backdate prestige up to three months.  After that the Regional Coordinator would have to back date the prestige.  He can backdate prestige up to six months. 

  • Make sure you’re filling out the Prestigeworthy Actions Form every month.
  • Dedicate 5 to 10 minutes out of your week to update your log. 
  • Read my report every month.

The biggest mistake I see, in all honesty, are *missed* items:  things that should be in the log but aren't.  Sometimes, these are obscure awards, like the 1N that the US NC awarded to *everyone* in December 2009.  Sometimes, they're items from the US NC site that took a long, long time to get awarded (conventions, etc).  And sometimes, they're simple local items that, for whatever reason, the member never transcribed from his CC's or DC's report to his log.

Something that would be a *huge* help for coordinators at all levels would be if members would get into the habit of adding, in the Notes field, a reference to whatever document awarded the prestige.  And yes, one of the biggest errors here is listing a local document that *recommended* higher-level prestige, rather than the RC or NC report that actually awarded it.