The Mind's Eye Society (MES) is host to hundreds of games all across the world, united under a common story, or "Chronicle." On June 1st, 2013, the MES will begin its new Chronicle. Come join us in taking the first steps of this massive gaming experience!

The Windy City Nightmares domain will host both Vampire: the Requiem and Changeling: the Lost games.

 Vampire: the Requiem

Our Vampire: the Requiem game runs on second and fourth Saturday nights, and explores the intrigues of the undead in the city of big shoulders. The links below are divided into two categories. Local Resources offers information relevant to the Chicago game. National/Global Resources offers information relevant to the world wide game. If you have any questions, see our Staff Page for contact information.

Local Resources
New Character Creation Guide: A tool that helps you in the creation of a basic character. Coming soon.

Venue Style Sheet: A unified document giving an overview of the Chicago Requiem game.

Chicago In Character Timeline: The history of the city through the lens of our Vampire: the Requiem game. Coming soon.

Universal / National Resources
US National Requiem VSS: A unified document giving an overview of the Requiem game at the National level.
US National History: A timeline of important events on a National scale.
US National Conspiracies: Conspiracies are National-level social groups who participate across Clan and Covenant lines.
Chronicle Themes: An overview of the five year plan for the Chronicle.
Chronicle Norms and Mechanics: Information about Boons, Cadence, Optional PVP System, Hint of Humanity and Custom Shadow Cult Guide.

National FAQ

Rules used by the MES sometimes differ from White Wolf published material. Changes can be found in these documents.


 Changeling: the Lost

Our Changeling: the Lost game runs on third Saturdays, and follows the trials of the Lost in the big city. See our Staff Page for contact information.

Global Documents

Lost Chronicle Storyteller’s Guide
Lost Chronicle Player’s Guide
The View from the Outside
Red Veil Academy

National Documents

US Changeling History
Opposition to the Longest Night Motley – A US Settings Resource
Courts & Seemings Guide
Entitlement Guide – Coming Soon
MES Changeling the Lost Style Sheet for 2013
VSS Creation Guide

Changeling Inspirations

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